Amanda Klutes on the inspiration for her holiday film and keeping the memory of late husband Nick Cordero alive

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Amanda Klutes on the inspiration for her holiday film and keeping the memory of late husband Nick Cordero alive

Fitness instructor Amanda Klutes is starring in her first movie, just in time for the holiday season.

Kloots, 40, spoke with LBL Digital about his upcoming holiday film, “Fit for Christmas,” and the inspiration behind making a Christmas film revolving around fitness. The film also stars Stephen Mears and Paul Green.

“It was July 2020, and my husband had passed a few weeks earlier, and of course I was having a hard time sleeping in the middle of the night,” Klutes shared of her late husband, Nick Cordero, who died after the battle. COVID-19.

“I woke up one night, and it was like 3 a.m., and I turned on the television, and they were playing holiday movies to cheer people up at that time because it was the height of the epidemic,” he continued.

Amanda Klutes stars in the upcoming holiday film “Fit for Christmas” which will debut on December 4, 2022.
(Michael Courtney)

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“The Talk” co-host watched a holiday movie and got an idea for his own film.

“You know, they’ve never done a Christmas movie with a fitness trainer. And why not? Like, people like to get fit, and especially around the holidays, that’s kind of the theme,” Kluts explained.

Stefan Mears, Amanda Klutes and Paul Green in “Fit for Christmas.”
(Michael Courtney)

Amanda Klutes plays Audrey

Amanda Klutes stars as Audrey in “Fit for Christmas.”
(Michael Courtney)

The fitness guru shared that “through the power of social media” she connected with the current author of “Fit for Christmas,” who was by her side during her pitch on CBS. Klutes is the co-producer, executive director as well as the star of the upcoming film.

“Fit for Christmas” marks Klute’s debut in filmmaking.

“I was a little nervous,” Klutes admits about stepping into the role.

“There’s a lot of things in this movie that, you know, were influenced by my own life. So, that’s also fun and it was really fun to be a part of,” he continued.

“Fit for Christmas” marks Amanda Klute’s debut in the film industry
(Michael Courtney)

Although Kloots has been on Broadway for 17 years, she said she was widely considered a “dancer” in the theater world, prompting her to hire an acting coach before the “Fit for Christmas” team began filming in Vancouver last summer.

“I’m excited,” she said of the upcoming film. “I’m really, really excited for people to see it and also, you know, people to see me in this new way, in this new light.”

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Kluts shared that he “fell in love” with acting, producing and the entire filmmaking process.

However, even as Klutes ventures into new business ventures, she remains focused on her first business, Amanda Klutes Fitness. She continues to teach fitness classes every Saturday via Zoom, as well as the occasional private fitness class.

Children's Books by Amanda Klutes,

Amanda Klutes’ children’s book, “Tell Me Your Dreams,” is expected to be published in 2023.
(David Livingston)

“I taught one in Vancouver while I was filming. Whenever I come back to New York, I teach, and I’ll teach another one here in LA to celebrate the premiere of the movie,” he said.

Over the past few years, Kloots has undergone quite a few changes both in her career and in her personal life. On top of her upcoming film, Kloots is navigating being a single mom after Cordero passes in 2020. Kloots said she is determined to keep his memory alive for the sake of their son, Elvis, 3.

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“Listen, grief is different for everybody. Sometimes it’s not easy for people to have pictures and play their music or watch their videos or talk about them,” Klutt said.

She noted that her family is made stronger by keeping Cordero’s memory alive.

“I love making him a part of our mornings,” Kluts said.

Nick Cordero lost his battle with Covid-19 in 2020.  The late Broadway star is pictured with Klutes

Nick Cordero lost his battle with COVID-19 in 2020. The late Broadway star is pictured with Klutes at the 2017 New York premiere of “Going in Style.”
(Nicholas Hunt)

“‘Do I listen to music first thing in the morning?’ Because Nick taught me that. I make sure Elvis knows that every night when we go to bed, we hug Nick’s pillow and talk to Dad and talk about our day.”

Kluts compares the grieving process to an onion, that when you “cut a new layer or peel a new layer, the opening makes you cry.”

“You can put that onion back in the fridge, and then the next time you need it for a recipe, and you cut off another layer, it will make you cry,” he explained.

After the birth of Elvis in June 2019, Klutes fell in love with motherhood and decided that one of her dreams would be to write a children’s book.

Amanda Clute's son Elvis makes his television debut in a special Mother's Day show

Amanda Klutes’ son, Elvis, made his television debut on “The Talk” in May 2021 in a special Mother’s Day show. Kloots and Cordero welcomed their son in 2019.
(Ron P. Jaffe)

“I was just trying to get Nick in as much of a situation for Elvis as possible and make children’s books while doing it,” Kluts said.

“Tell Me Your Dreams” is inspired by Klute’s own bedtime ritual that she and her late husband shared with Elvis. The book is expected to be published in April 2023.

“Fit for Christmas” debuts Dec. 4 on CBS

Amanda Klutes on the inspiration for her holiday film and keeping the memory of late husband Nick Cordero alive

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