Anne Heche didn’t repay a loan before she died. Now an ex wants her estate to pay up

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Anne Heche didn’t repay a loan before she died. Now an ex wants her estate to pay up

Anne Heche’s former co-star and ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane has filed a legal claim against her estate for nearly $150,000, according to court documents reviewed by The Times.

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Heche and Jen were romantically linked in 2019, but “were no longer an item,” he revealed, when he crashed his car into a Mar Vista home on August 5, causing a major fire and costing him his life several days later. They co-starred in the HBO series “Hung” from 2009 to 2011.

The ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ star was 53 when she passed away. Jane is also 53 years old.


The amount being claimed is the remaining balance of a $157,000 personal loan granted to Heche in July 2021, along with interest. It was to be repaid within two years. Heche paid only two installments before his death.

“The Descendant paid $10,000 on August 18, 2021 and October 8, 2021,” the claim, filed last Thursday, said. “However, he made no further payments. $137,000 in principal, $9,814.79 in interest (as of November 8, 2022), and $2,291.85 in late chargers are due and owed [sic]For a total of $149,106.04.”

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If Heche booked any acting gigs that paid at least $15,000, additional payments were to be made directly against the principal. About a third of any salary was supposed to go towards the principal, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The claim does not state the purpose of the loan.

Other claims against the Heche estate include one from West Hills Hospital & Medical Center in the amount of $1,838.92 and another by Lynn Mitchell, who is seeking at least $2 million and a jury trial.

Michele, the tenant who was displaced from the home in which Heche crashed, sued the property earlier this month, alleging negligence, trespass and causing emotional distress. She and her pets — two dogs and a turtle — barely escaped injury because Heche’s Mini Cooper stopped “just feet” from where they were at the house, her lawsuit says.

The lawsuit states that in addition to losing her longtime home and “entire lifetime of possessions” to the accidental fire, Michele was left “horrified, severely traumatized and without a place to live”. .

It states that he suffers from insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks of the incident.

Heche’s oldest son, Homer Laffoon, is the executor of the estate. He said in court papers in October that the property is worth about $400,000, with residuals and royalties expected annually about that amount.

Anne Heche didn’t repay a loan before she died. Now an ex wants her estate to pay up

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