Annette Ziegler to continue as Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Annette Ziegler has been reelected by her fellow justices to a second two-year term as head of the state’s highest court.

The court announced Thursday that the justices voted privately to keep Ziegler in the position she first held in 2021. The court did not announce the vote breakdown.

The Chief Justice has no additional voting rights in the Supreme Court. However, the person who holds the title is the administrative head of the state’s judicial system and has administrative authority over proceedings passed by the Supreme Court.

On April 4, you will decide the control of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. All the money from across the country flooding Wisconsin shows how important your vote is.

Ziegler has served on the court since 2007. She is part of the four-judge conservative majority.

The April 4 election to replace retired Justice Patience Roggensack will determine whether the Tories maintain their 4-3 majority or the Liberals take over. Democratic-backed candidate Janet Protasiewicz is running against Republican-backed Dan Kelly.

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Roggensack was the first chief justice elected by his fellow justices in 2015. This came after voters approved a constitutional amendment giving justices the power to choose their leader. Prior to the amendment, the most senior judge was automatically the leader.

Faced with a more topical opponent, Dan Kelly bases his hopes on a broad appeal to protect the Constitution

Some conservatives doubt Kelly’s broad appeals to the Constitution are a winning campaign strategy.

Wisconsin Supreme Court race results, abortion law challenge seen as inextricably linked

Unlike perhaps ever before, April voters will not only choose a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, but will effectively decide the outcome of a court case.

Wisconsin Supreme Court nominees differ on whether party support requires recusal

Janet Protasiewicz said she would recuse herself from cases involving the Democratic Party. Dan Kelly would not make a similar promise regarding matters involving the GOP.

Conservatives call for unity after disjointed Wisconsin Supreme Court primary

GOP leaders are hoping not to see a replay of November’s gubernatorial election.

Janet Protasiewicz has huge early spending advantage in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

At this point, Protasiewicz has a nearly 7-to-1 advantage in ad spend over conservative Dan Kelly in the general election phase.


Annette Ziegler to continue as Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice

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