Baby Mac’s family slams ‘grossly feeble’ sentence

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Baby Mac’s family slams ‘grossly feeble’ sentence

The parents of Macallan Saini, popularly known as “Baby Mac”, said the sentence meted out to the daycare operator responsible for his death was a “minute and paltry measure” of justice.

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“Knowing that the law has to work within its abilities, we are disappointed with the justice options available. This is truly regressive and vulgar,” mother Shelley Shepard and father Chris Saini said in a statement to Granthshala News.

In April, Susie Yasmeen Saad pleaded guilty in 2017 to failing to provide the necessities of life to nine children, including 16-month-old baby Mac.


On Monday, Saad, who was operating an unlicensed daycare at the time of the tragedy, was sentenced to 20 months in prison and 12 months’ probation.

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In the statement, Mack’s parents said they wanted to thank all the first responders who cared for Mack the day he died. He also wanted to thank Vancouver Police, Crown Attorneys, Victims Services and all the teams who worked on the case.

Details about Baby Mac’s death were revealed in a civil suit launched by her family against Saad, claiming negligence.

The suit alleges the boy was left unattended at an East Vancouver daycare and suffocated by an electrical cord.

“No amount of punishment will bring our dear boy back to us,” the parents said in the statement.

“We think this sentence is years short and very weak in its seriousness.”

Her parents said that Baby Mac was treated as a child when she died. “However, he was first and foremost a human being. A person like you and I. His life and future were stolen from him.

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“He will never be able to score a goal in football. Sleepover with friends. Learn how to clean fish. Experience the thrill of a first kiss. Develop his intelligence and apply it in career. Have children and grow old with your family. All this and much more will never happen for the Mac. This saddens us beyond words.

He ended his statement by saying that everyone reading about his son’s death should take time and make an effort to appreciate and love the people in his life.

“Young and old. It is a continuous and never ending exercise.

“We love, cherish and miss our dear and sweet boy Mac every day.

“love never dies.”

Baby Mac’s family slams ‘grossly feeble’ sentence

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