Ben Affleck once stopped making action movies after he found them “boring.”

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Ben Affleck once stopped making action movies after he found them “boring.”

Ben Affleck has starred in some of cinema’s most diverse and commercially successful genre films. But despite his success in certain action films, Affleck was once poised to step away from the genre for good.

Affleck is not only known for his contributions in front of the camera. His work behind the camera has also brought the actor a lot of recognition and attention. Apart from writing goodwill huntAffleck is also known for directing films such as baby gone and the Oscar winner argon.

In 2010, he added his directorial credits by filming a heist thriller The town. He also starred in the film alongside Jeremy Renner as a member of a team of highly skilled bank robbers. In a resurfaced interview with The Guardian, Affleck stressed that shooting the action in the film was a team effort. If only to avoid getting all the credit for the more exciting parts of the film.

“We had a great stunt team, a great second unit, and a great cast,” he said. “As Jeremy [Renner] running across the street, those cars stopped inches away from him. I would never have had the guts to do what he did. I thought he was going to get hit every time he did it. But it just goes to show that people give the director too much credit. I always feel uncomfortable when I show up and say, ‘Yes, I did that.’”

However, while directing the feature film, he confided that he had great difficulty filming the action scenes.

“It was stressful. It scared me a lot, more than anything,” Affleck added.

Affleck has starred in numerous action films throughout his career. Some of these films contained such as Armageddon, daredeviland The sum of all fears. But somewhere along the way, Affleck claimed he’d become disillusioned with action movies. So much so that he wanted to stay away from them.

“I don’t want to do action movies, I’m tired of it. They’re boring and they’re exhausting and they suck,” Affleck once said, according to Dark Horizons.

At this point in his career, Affleck was only interested in doing either lighter films or less commercial films.

“I’d like to do comedy or play difficult roles like — I’d rather play smaller and more interesting roles like the stuff I’ve done boiler room or dogma or goodwill hunt,” he said.

In recent years, Affleck has kind of returned to the action genre. In addition to The townthe 2010s saw the actor in films such as Star Batman v Superman and The accountant.

In 2021, Affleck starred in the Ridley Scott film The last duela historical drama he co-wrote with Matt Damon.

The last duel did well critically but underperformed commercially. Affleck felt that the film’s financial performance was due to audiences becoming more accustomed to watching films at home than in theaters. It was a viewing habit he believed Covid-19 and streaming services helped accelerate.

Speaking to The Playlist, Affleck joked about it The last duel could be his last film to be seen in cinemas.

“Because I don’t want to do IP films where you have that kind of built-in audience,” Affleck said. “It was something I was interested in and liked, and I just don’t like it anymore. I like other people who do it. And if you do, you should love it. And I love something else. So I want to do that.”

Ben Affleck once stopped making action movies after he found them “boring.”

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