Bennington PD arrests woman wanted on federal gun charges | Local News

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BENNINGTON — A Bennington woman who authorities say admitted to smoking crack cocaine daily for six months has been arrested by city police on a federal firearms charge.

Brittany Pecor, 23, is named in a vaguely worded federal indictment alleging she filed false and fictitious written statements while purchasing firearms twice this summer and also during an attempted purchase of a third firearm, records show.

Bennington Police say they responded to a disturbance call at the Willowbrook Apartments around 11:55 p.m. Tuesday, and while investigating the complaint, officers learned that Pecor had fled the scene. A check at the National Crime Information Center indicated that there was a federal arrest warrant for Pecor.

Investigators issued an alert that Pecor was wanted and police received a tip shortly after she was at Applegate Apartments.

Bennington police arrived and arrested Pecor based on the FBI warrant. She was eventually taken to Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington around 4am.

The indictment alleges that Pecor purchased firearms from an authorized dealer on May 3 and May 31 and attempted to purchase a weapon on June 6. The indictment does not identify the gun dealer or dealers involved, nor does it state the type of firearms she purchased or attempted to secure.

The indictment was obtained by a federal grand jury in Burlington on November 10, but was sealed until she could be safely arrested.

Assistant United States Attorney John Boscia filed a motion for arrest Wednesday afternoon that sheds more light on the case and the basis for the felony charges. The weapon obtained on May 3 was a Taurus 9mm pistol, and the firearm purchased on May 31 was an unidentified Smith & Wesson pistol, Boscia said. The motion makes no mention of the type of firearm in the third felony charge.

Boscia also wrote that misrepresentation in gun purchases centered on Pecor claiming on an alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives purchase form that she was not a user of controlled substances. The false statements were intended to deceive the licensed arms dealer, according to the indictment.

Boscia wrote that during a July 14 police interview, Pecor admitted that she had “smoked[d] crack every day for the past six months.

Drug use and gun ownership are a dangerous combination, according to Boscia, who called for Pecor to be detained as a danger to the community and a flight risk to avoid prosecution.

“Pecor poses a significant flight risk due to his untreated drug use,” Boscia wrote.

Pecor is scheduled to appear Monday afternoon for his arraignment before Federal Magistrate Judge Kevin Doyle in U.S. District Court in Burlington.

The court appointed veteran defense attorney Richard R. Goldsborough of South Burlington to represent Pecor.


Bennington PD arrests woman wanted on federal gun charges | Local News

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