Blac Chyna Wears Kim Kardashian T-Shirt After Defamation Trial

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Blac Chyna seems to be supporting Kim Kardashian, despite the model’s loss against The Kardashians star in a tense legal battle that wrapped less than a year ago. The former Rob & Chyna star, 34, whose real name is Angela White, rocked a T-shirt featuring a photo of Kardashian posing for Dolce & Gabbana while sitting down for an interview on a new episode of the Why the Game Chose Me podcast.

Asked about her choice of a shirt, Chyna played coy at first, saying, “Oh, I love Dolce & Gabbana, whoever is doing their designs.” She then added, “But I wore this shirt today because I wanted to support Kim. She did a collaboration with Dolce, and I respect it.” Chyna shrugged as she continued that she wanted to support the “auntie” of 6-year-old daughter Dream, whom she shares with her ex, Rob Kardashian. 

Chyna’s attitude towards Kim comes as a surprise to many, being that the model was battling it out with the Kardashians less than a year ago. In May 2022, a jury rules that Chyna was not owed any monetary damages in her lawsuit against Kim and her family after a two-week trial, in which Chyna claimed the family plotted to have Rob & Chyna canceled on E! after she and Rob ended their relationship. The following month, Chyna and Rob reached a settlement on a separate revenge porn lawsuit after Chyna accused her ex of leaking intimate photos of her to the public.

Over the last month, Chyna has been going through a lot of personal changes, dissolving the filler in her face, removing the silicone from her backside and breasts, and returning to using her birth name while “getting back to [herself.” She explained in a recent conversation with Forbes, “Because you know being in the entertainment field everybody always calls me ‘Hey Blac Chyna, Chyna Chyna,’ nobody ever calls me Angela. So sometimes I would kind of like forget who I am, because it’s always about the brand, brand, brand and not the person.”

While she still plans to use Blac Chyna professionally, the mother of two said she wants to dive deep into who she really is outside of the spotlight. “Nothing really happened. I just started working out, sobriety and my bible that’s it,” she shared. “Those are the three things that I have been sticking with for the past seven months. And just over that time, it has shown me like, ‘Ok, who are you? What is it that you want to do? What is the example that you want to set? Like how are you feeling? Is this really you?’ We put on hair and makeup and designer clothes that cover up something. And I want to put my insecurities aside and really step into the light. Like my own light.”

Blac Chyna Wears Kim Kardashian T-Shirt After Defamation Trial

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