Bonita Springs’ Josiah Sessler climbing the state record books

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Bonita Springs’ Josiah Sessler climbing the state record books

The Florida high school football record books are littered with big names. Some of the sport’s best once played right here in the Sunshine State.

The rushing category is especially impressive with Derrick Henry and Emmitt Smith at the top.

One Southwest Florida player is working his way up those record books. Bonita Springs’ Josiah Sessler currently ranks fourth in the state in rushing yards, averaging nearly 200 per game.

“I’d say he has exceeded expectations, but we knew he was going to be special,” Bonita Springs Offensive Coordinator Thomas McGuire said.

The senior plays a quarterback/running back combo and has been tearing apart defenses every single Friday night. He contributes his extra success to better dedication.

“We put in the work over the summer,” Sessler said. “All of us kind of came together this year. We push each other more than ever this year. It feels different.”

With the gaudy stats comes more attention. Fans, opposing teams and the media are watching Sessler intently every week. However, he isn’t letting that get to him.

“I don’t wanna get too comfortable this season,” Sessler said. “When I feel like I’m comfortable, I feel like I’m just putting myself at a point and I don’t want to stick there. I always want to go above and beyond.”

One of the most impressive parts is that Sessler isn’t the biggest player on the field. He’s listed at just 5’11”, 180 lbs. Despite that, Josiah still lays the boom.

“When you play against him on Friday night, when you wake up in the morning, you know you played against somebody that’s gonna run you over,” McGuire said. “He’s got that ‘it’ factor that you can’t put down on a sheet of paper.”

Josiah was born in California. He started playing football at the age of five. His family then moved to Florida when he was in the eighth grade.

When he first started at Bonita Springs, Sessler was a slot receiver. The offense was pass-heavy. Then, the coaching staff changed up their philosophy and shifted Josiah to the backfield. Instead of giving up on the team, Sessler adapted to the changes and is not flourishing.

“I think that says a lot about him,” McGuire said. “In a world where everybody just wants to jump, and run away, and leave, Josiah is a kid that’s going to stay around and see it through.”

Bonita Springs’ Josiah Sessler climbing the state record books

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