Charlotte Ritchie was “deeply disappointed” by Kate’s decision in ‘You’ season four finale

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Charlotte Richie has said she was “deeply disappointed” by her portrayal of Kate in the season four finale You,

In the final episode, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) comes clean to Kate about his true identity and his serial killer methods. However, she decides to accept him and even helps cover his tracks by erasing the evidence that linked him to the death of Rhys (Ed Spellers).

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After inheriting her father Tom Lockwood’s (Greg Kinnear) fortune, Kate and Joe move to New York to start a new life as a couple.

talking to nmeIn 2010, Richie said that she was “very disappointed in Kate” when she first read the script for the season finale. “It was so clear in the beginning [of the season] He should have been as cold and evil as possible, ”said the actor. “Because being almost cartoonish is his armor.

“So I have to say I was let down by him. It was fun playing a character who hated this horrible guy so much!

Penn Badgley as Joe in ‘You’ season four. credit: netflix

When asked about his decision to accept Jo, Richie said: “I think she grew up in a very unhealthy environment, so she definitely doesn’t have a healthy attitude towards love and care. She has There are standards that a more adjusted person would not have.

“For most people, associating with a murderer would be forbidden, but that was the kind of world she grew up in.”

Netflix has not yet confirmed whether You Will return for a fifth season, but Richie said he wants to explore the dynamic between Kate and Joe.

Richie said, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next, or anything at all – maybe they just walk off into the sunset.”

When asked if she would like to return for more episodes, she replied: “Of course, because I understand the character more than ever. [playing her for] 10 episodes. And I love the moments of humor that we’re starting to see between Kate and Joe.

“It would be really cool, but you never know – I might end up dead [season five] opening credits!”

In a four star review of the fourth season, nme wrote: “Yeah, it’s all pretty silly, but it’s also surprisingly entertaining and consistently funny. By the end of episode five, you’ll be yearning for the second half of the season more than you can admit.

Charlotte Ritchie was “deeply disappointed” by Kate’s decision in ‘You’ season four finale

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