Convicted murderer among Fishmongers’ Hall attack heroes honoured for bravery

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The convicted murderer who tackled the Fishmongers Hall terror attacker is among those recognized for his bravery.

Steven Gallant was one of four men who confronted convicted terrorist Usman Khan until armed police arrived at the scene in November 2019.

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Khan, who was armed with two large knives and a fake suicide belt, stabbed Cambridge graduates Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, and wounded three others before running onto London Bridge.

Mr Gallant, John Crilly, Darrin Frost and Lukasz Kozoczyk are on this year’s civilian gallantry list, the last approved by the late Queen after stepping forward to confront the attacker.


Ex-prisoner Mr. Crilly douses Khan with a fire extinguisher and communications manager Mr. Frost strikes Khan with a narwhal tooth, knocking him off balance.

Mr. Gallant then dragged Khan to the ground, where the three held him until armed police arrived.

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It came after Mr Kozosik used a long ceremonial pike taken from the walls of the Grade II-listed building to disarm Khan.

Mr Gallant, one of two men convicted of the murder of Barry Jackson in Hull in 2005, was first released on license when the incident took place.

Each of them will receive the Rani Gallantry Medal.

Prison officer Adam Roberts, who took Mr Gallant to the event on the day he was released, is among those on the list who administered first aid to Ms Jones after she was stabbed.

Mr Roberts told the PA news agency: “I have mixed feelings, it’s very difficult to celebrate when it happens for something that was so bad.

“It was with Saskia literally dying in front of me as we tried to keep her alive, so it’s really hard to celebrate when my thoughts are with her.

“It’s really important that everyone who contributes is recognized in some way.”

In addition, the list of 15 people includes 88-year-old church bell ringer John Rees, who was killed on 5 May 2020 after trying to stop a mentally ill woman who was being attacked with a knife in a Co-op store I went.

She was stabbed to death with two bottles of alcohol and a fire extinguisher by schizophrenic Zara Radcliffe during the attack in Pen y Graig, Rhondda, South Wales.

Lisa Way and Ayette Bounouri, who were in the shop at the time, have also been recognized for their roles in helping Radcliffe cope.

Oliver Dowden, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, said: “We all hope that we will respond with courage in the face of danger. These men have been through that test, and have responded in a most admirable way.”

“Their selfless actions have saved lives, and I want to express my deepest thanks for their willingness to put themselves in danger to protect others.

“They are all very deserving winners of Her Majesty the late Queen’s last Civilian Gallantry Awards.”

Convicted murderer among Fishmongers’ Hall attack heroes honoured for bravery

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