Cops ID alleged NYC serial attacker who fatally stabbed beloved elderly lotto winner

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A man was once caught randomly killing a stranger suspect is brooklyn serial killer The man who fatally stabbed an 83-year-old man – after the victim won the lottery – police and friends said on Sunday.

Police sources added to The Post that details emerged as shocking revelations about the deadly attack, which was caught on surveillance video and the attacker kicked for good measure after stabbing the beloved elderly man.

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Suspect Jovani Valle, 26, allegedly first slapped a woman, killed another female stranger and then chased down and ambushed elderly Ramon Cintron — all in the wake of Saturday’s Boerum Hill crime spree, police said. I happened in less than an hour.

The police are now on the lookout for Vel.


“We had to go for a walk [Cintron] on Friday, and he wasn’t feeling well, and he had to go to the hospital,” the grieving man’s nephew, Angel Cintron, told The Post, adding that his uncle had a pacemaker. “He came out Saturday morning, and first What he did was go to that corner and play his numbers.

“He always went to the corner to play numbers. That’s what he did all his life.

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Two neighbors added to The Post on Sunday that Cintron scored in a game of chance before he was killed.

Vic Ramon Cintron, far right, was ambushed by suspect Jovani Vel.

It was unclear how much money the victim may have won, but Angel said police told the family that Ramon’s wallet was missing, which now “makes perfect sense”.

,[A robbery is] The only reason someone would hurt him. He was very kind to everyone, ”Angel said of his slain uncle.

Cintron’s niece, Elisa, said Ramon — who was affectionately nicknamed “Flaco,” Spanish for “skinny” — “was full of life.

“He was very independent and a really nice, happy, friendly person,” she said. “He worked at the same pharmacy until it went out of business. He worked into his 70s.

Slashing suspect Jovani Vail, 26.
Police have identified Jovani Vail, 26, as the suspect in a violent spree in Brooklyn on Saturday that left two women injured and Ramon Cintron, 83, stabbed to death.

She said that her father, Ramon’s brother, “isn’t doing very well.

Alyssa said, “It is very difficult for them to tell everyone about what happened in the family.” “He’s taking it so hard. I’ve never seen him like this. No one would ever think Flacco would quit like this.

The victim’s neighbors shared their affection for Ramon as well.

“I love that old man like my grandfather,” Victor Santiago, manager of Papa Firo grocery in Boerum Hill, told The Post of Cintron on Sunday. “He comes every day at 5 [p.m.] And hang out and play lotto and scratch-offs. He does favors for everyone.

“He’s like the grandpa of the neighborhood,” Santiago said.

Vale has at least three prior arrests for allegedly killing a stranger in Brooklyn in September 2020.

In that case, Valle was charged with assault, threatening and assault with a weapon in an assault on a 36-year-old man in front of 502 President St. in Carroll Gardens.

Vale was previously charged with groping in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood in 2016 and public lewdness in the borough’s 84th Precinct, including Boerum Hill, in 2015.

According to police, he was identified in the murder of Ramon Cintrón from surveillance cameras in the area.

Vale and Cintron were neighbors – they both lived in the same building in the Wyckoff Gardens public housing complex.

Police sources said Valle’s alleged violent spree began around 1 a.m., when he allegedly randomly killed a 47-year-old woman at the intersection of Pacific Street and Third Avenue.

Police said less than half an hour later, he randomly stabbed another 31-year-old woman in the leg in front of 134 Nevins St. before fleeing.

According to police, shortly before 2 p.m., police found Cintron lying on his back in a pool of blood after he had been stabbed to death in an elevator on the 19th floor of the Wyckoff House – just steps from his apartment away, according to the police.

Sources said surveillance cameras in the building allegedly show Vale entering the building around 1:30 a.m. and disappearing from view for about 11 minutes, before leaving the lobby in different clothes. I was seen returning.

According to sources, sometime before 1:45 a.m. he gets into the elevator with Cintron, the two are seen conversing, before Valle allegedly pulls out a knife and slashes the elderly victim’s neck. does.

The sources said Vale then allegedly kicked Cintron, before he was seen running towards the stairs and fleeing the scene.

Slashing suspect Jovani Vail, 26.
Jovani Vale, 26, has been identified as Saturday’s Brooklyn serial killer.

Sources said the elevator went up to the 21st floor, where Cintron’s foot prevented the door from closing, where a neighbor saw him and called 911.

The elderly victim had injury marks on his neck and right hand and was declared dead at the scene.

“Flaco, everybody loved him,” said the neighbor. “He had a lot of heart.

“He goes to that grocery store, Papa Firo’s, every day and plays numbers, and tomorrow he’s going to collect a winner,” said the friend. “And he followed her.

“I stay away from him,” the neighbor said of Vale.

Additional reporting by Larry Celona and Steve Janowski

Cops ID alleged NYC serial attacker who fatally stabbed beloved elderly lotto winner

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