‘Counter-Strike 2’ trademarks filed by developer Valve

In this article, you will get all the information regarding ‘Counter-Strike 2’ trademarks filed by developer Valve

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strike back 2 That’s potentially one step closer to becoming a reality as developer Valve has filed a trademark for something called “CS2”.

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Over the past few days, activity by Valve in the Steam backend suggested that something was in the works. the developer counter Strike Global Offensive Updates and changes to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta platform this week in the Steam Archive, along with the addition of new executable files under the name “CS2”.

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In addition, according to PCGamesNValve submitted a trademark for “CS2” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday (March 14).

Specifically, the filing includes a “related properties section” that may be associated with any other Valve trademark “CS2”. It had two serial numbers; A search for these two serial numbers reveals two other Valve properties, Counter-Strike and CSGO.

News of strike back 2 Reported by the journalist earlier this month Richard Lewiswho claimed that he was told about the sequel by anonymous sources with knowledge of the development.

Lewis’ report claims that the sequel will “almost certainly” be launched under the title strike back 2, and plans to launch the beta in March. It has been claimed that many professionals counter strike Lewis sources claim players have already secretly tested the game strike back 2 “It is ready to go.

counter Strike Global Offensive. Credits: Valve.

According to Lewis’s sources, strike back 2 It has been a priority for the developers at Valve and has been in development for some time. the source said strike back 2The reason for the development of the Global Offensive is that many issues have gone unaddressed.

“The big priority is getting it out there and then polishing it, fixing any bugs and getting it up to the level expected of CS,” the source claimed.

rumors of strike back 2 The files, named csgo2.exe and cs2.exe, first surfaced earlier this month with Nvidia’s latest driver update. However, Valve has yet to officially confirm that the game is in the works.

last month, Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveE featured a surprise collaboration with Denzel Curry.

‘Counter-Strike 2’ trademarks filed by developer Valve

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