‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Are Ecstatic After Tyra Banks Announces Exit

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Fans of Dancing With the Stars woke up to surprising news that will affect the ballroom in the next season. That’s due to host Tyra Banks announced her exit from the reality competition. The decision comes after her contentious arrival on the show, and the exit of previous hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

“I feel it’s really time for me to focus on my business and my entrepreneurship, and also producing more TV – but behind the scenes,” Banks told TMZ. “I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor. … from the ballroom to the boardroom!”

Banks’ decision comes after the show’s first season on Disney+ as a live stream. It also comes after the introduction of co-host Alfonso Ribeiro in season 31, seemingly teasing that the host was on her last days in the ballroom.

The former supermodel’s time with the show was contentious and faced growing pains under a new host. Many were turned away from the popular series after Begeron’s exit, but many others remained and became critical of Banks’ efforts. The move to Disney+ almost seemed to affect the buzz around the series and its celebrity contestants.

Jump down to see how fans of Dancing With the Stars are reacting to Banks’ exit from the series. How will her tenure on the show look in hindsight? Will the show move back to ABC?

Return to TV

Another topic that Banks’ departure brought up was the potential return to ABC after the move to DIsney+. Not everybody is a subscriber of the streamer and hoped that the model’s exit was a sign that things would roll back. “Thank God!!! How about you put it back on ABC now, so those of us who do not have Disney+ can watch it again?” a fan hoped.


Bad Wigs

“The fans of the show never liked her. she makes shows all about her & her big mouth. The only thing we will miss is her bad wigs & hideous outfits,” another added.


All About Her

Others cited some specific complaints about her time on the show and her tendency to complain about issues on the show. “Because she was a horrid host and messed up all the time throwing production under the bus,” another fan added.



Not everybody bought the announcement as a spur of the moment type of thing, instead claiming it was all calculated by the Top Model star. “This is clearly a staged interview. She wanted to get out in front of the news before it was revealed she likely wasn’t going to be asked back,” a fan alleged on Twitter.


Not a Fan!

Most people reacted positively to Banks’ exit, with some even hoping to just wipe away the three seasons. “Really didn’t like her on DWTS, so nothing lost for me,” a fan wrote.


‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Are Ecstatic After Tyra Banks Announces Exit

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