‘Destiny 2’ players are paying their respects to Lance Reddick in-game

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Destiny 2 Players are taking the tower to the game to pay respects to actor Lance Reddick, who died today (March 17) at the age of 60, reportedly of natural causes.

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The actor played Commander Zavala in the series, the vanguard for the game’s Titan class. As the character is stationed in the game’s social space, The Tower, players have been visiting the character to pay their respects.

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All over social media, players are posting images taken from their instance of The Tower, each of which seems to be filled with Guardians crowded around Commander Zavala and either sitting with the character or saluting. .

Destiny 2 subdivision It is also packed with players coming to pay their respects.

“I loaded into the tower to salute Zavala and was happy to see a lot of people around Zavala, just some people sitting nearby coming to salute with an emotion, yall made me feel good about this community Made felt and it makes me happy to see everyone paying respect,” said one poster.

“Voice actors have come and gone from the game but Lance stuck with it from the beginning. He was a true treasure to this community and many others who have seen him elsewhere,” added another.

In addition to his career in film and TV, Reddick was a familiar voice to many gamers. in addition to voice work destiny, Destiny 2 And they also appeared in each game’s respective DLC. John Wick Hex, Quantum BreakEven more 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand,

‘Destiny 2’ players are paying their respects to Lance Reddick in-game

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