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BENNINGTON – One of three individuals caught on doorbell surveillance video running in a Bennington apartment building has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Caleb Rivera, 19, of Springfield, Mass., was arrested three weeks ago by the Springfield Gang Task Force in Springfield. His arrest came nearly two months after a Bennington judge issued a warrant for him in relation to the September 2022 shooting incident caught on two surveillance videos, including doorbell video of the two-way shooting. He was extradited to Vermont last Friday and arrested Monday afternoon in Bennington.

According to a police affidavit, a doorbell video recorder in front of a Bennington apartment complex at 715 Main Street captured dark figures entering and exiting an apartment staircase just before a volley of bullets fly from an upstairs window, followed by the unmistakable sounds of gunfire. .

Bennington Police recovered video from a nearby home while investigating a report of a possible shooting and several people screaming at a cemetery near 715 Main Street just before midnight September 1. 22.

The motion sensor video recorder, given to police at the scene by a member of the community, shows three people strolling down the dark alley outside an exterior staircase leading to a landing at 715 Main Street before the three go up the stairs. The VCR then triggers again as two individuals descend the stairs and depart in opposite directions, one toward Main Street and the other toward the Morgan Street Cemetery.

Moments later, the video shows someone shooting through a window on the second floor of this building, as several bullets echo loudly in the darkness and bullet smoke billows from the window. The first shots are immediately followed by what looks like multiple shots from multiple directions simultaneously.

According to Bennington Police Sergeant Jason Burnham, police were called to the scene of the possible shooting, where they located several casings around the area and, after a search of the apartment and cemetery, found other shell casings at the bottom of the stairs and a loaded “ghost” gun from Morgan Cemetery. A ghost gun is an inexpensive weapon produced by a 3D printer. Ghost guns do not have a serial number and cannot be tracked.

“We believe there were multiple volleys of gunfire from inside and outside the apartment,” BPD Lt. Camillo Grande said. “Those volleyballs were seconds apart.”

According to the affidavit, one of the people seen in the videos was Rivera. Several witnesses and suspects told police the trio arrived at the residence as part of a gang-related turf war in Bennington. It was revealed that a rival gang called “Oblock” was occupying the targeted apartment, and the trio were supposed to be there to take them out.

Rivera is being held without bond at the Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield, pending a weight of evidence hearing. He faces a life sentence with a presumed minimum of 20 years behind bars if convicted.

A second person captured in the doorbell videos had already been arrested and is awaiting trial. A third suspect, Jonathan Nazario, also from Massachusetts, has an active arrest warrant and has not been found. Nazario also faces an attempted murder charge during his arrest. He also has other charges pending in Vermont, including trafficking fentanyl, possession of cocaine, conspiracy and getting away from a police officer.

Bennington Police and the US Department of Homeland Security are both involved in the ongoing investigation.


Doorbell video shooter arrested in Massachusetts | Local News

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