Early voting percentage increases slightly as election day draws near

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JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – It looks like voter turnout in the city of Jacksonville will be low. On Friday, early voting and postal voting stood at 11%. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Regency Branch Library had a steady stream of early voters, but not many. The concern is that turnout may not improve this weekend as bad weather could prevent people from going to the polls.

” I do not understand that. This is for local government,” said voter Brenda Grier. “And that’s just as important as a presidential election for me. They make decisions about us locally.

News4JAX political analyst Rick Mullaney said it was disappointing but traditionally municipal elections attract the fewest crowds. The weather will be a factor, but some say the negative television and mailing campaign also played a role.


“Anyone who threw mud didn’t get my vote,” said voter Dottie Lemond.

News4JAX viewers agree that negative ads don’t help.

We got this comment from Joel: “It’s time to send the message to candidates that all negative campaigning makes everyone look unworthy of being elected.”

And this comment from Mike, “For decades, I’ve never missed an election vote. I’ll probably just skip voting this election. Poor quality of candidates, negative campaigns.

We also received an anonymous comment regarding postal voting. “The ONLY reason I haven’t is that my whole family hasn’t received our mail-in ballots yet.”


On that note, if you traditionally received a mail-in ballot without requesting it, you will not receive one until you renew your request with the Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

And speaking of mail-in voting, the elections office will continue to review ballots where people have voted twice in a race and they will review damaged ballots to try to determine voter intent. The canvassing board will pick up on that on Monday.

Voters can vote early on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the 19 sites and similarly on Sunday, which is the last day for early voting.

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Early voting percentage increases slightly as election day draws near

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