Elkton Community Education Center to open new wellness center | News

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ELKTON, Ore. — A new wellness center built in part by local students will provide greater access to health care services for area residents, said Elkton Community Education Center (ECEC) representatives.

The new center serves as a model for underserved rural communities seeking to provide greater access to health care services, said Elkton Community Education Center Executive Director Marjory Hamann. Features include a 460-square-foot conference room with presentation technology, five ADA-accessible gender neutral bathrooms, and indoor storage space, Hamann said.

“With our new wellness initiative, we are adding the space to do things like host support groups for people living with chronic illnesses, train volunteers to help people register for public benefits, and schedule visiting nurses to fill other gaps in our residents’ access to wellness services,” she said. “The space also has been equipped with the latest technology so community members can have remote access to medical, wellness and healthcare providers.”

Students in the center’s summer Youth Employment Program (YEP) designed and built in part the ECEC’s new 1,100-square-foot wellness center, said Erin Borla, executive director and trustee of The Roundhouse Foundation, a philanthropy organization that funded in part the ECEC’s YEP program.

“The Elkton Community Education Center’s Youth Employment Program provides young people with essential work experience, while also providing a positive economic impact on this rural community,” Borla said. “We are thrilled to see some of the program’s students put their skills to work on the new wellness building. It is a true illustration of how these kinds of programs can work together to support rural communities in our state.”

Participating ECEC YEP program students along with other high school students worked alongside experienced professionals in generating CAD designs and construction of the building, Borla said.

Borla also said green design features include a gray water system for landscape irrigation, a living roof for noise and temperature insulation, tiles made from recycled plastic and educational signage detailing sustainable building techniques.

A dedication and open house for those interested in learning more about the new wellness center will be held on Saturday, April 1, starting at 9 a.m. Public tours will be held until noon.

More information on the Elkton Community Education Center and its wellness center can be found here.

Elkton Community Education Center to open new wellness center | News

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