Enforcement at Chico’s homeless site to start soon | Regional

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The City of Chico will start enforcement at the alternative site as less than a quarter of the people staying there are authorized to stay there.

CHICO, Calif. – The City of Chico will soon start enforcement at the alternative site for people who are not authorized to be there.

At its peak, more than 40 homeless campers were staying here at the official alternative site at Eaton and Cohasset roads.

Less than a quarter of them were actually authorized to be here. Now, nearly a year later, the city is ready to move people out this weekend.

Alternative site

The Chico Police Department issued notices to people at the site last Wednesday with city workers reassessing people and placing them in local shelters.

This week, many tents have been taken down and piles of stuff left behind.

“So far a couple of people have left but other people are still packing their stuff up and they’re allowing give them a couple more days to get their stuff out,” Amanda Taylor said.

Only nine people are authorized to stay at the site and quite a few people are already at the shelters. Others told Action News Now that shelters might not work for them in the long run.

“We’re riding on the stress side because we, me and my husband, don’t see ourselves as qualifying candidates in the long term when it comes to the Pallet shelters,” Ashley Ann Threewit said.

Threewit said she and several other people have filed grievance forms to stay at the site but haven’t had a response yet from the city. They’re scrambling to get those forms approved.

“Our current plan is we’ve contacted a lawyer to help get the grievances processed a little faster just so we understand what is actually happening,” she said.

Public Works Director Eric Gustafson and several people told Action News Now the city plans to tow cars out of the site on Friday.

Taylor says she wishes she could do more for her neighbors who will have to leave.

“I don’t have a way to help them move their stuff, if I had a vehicle I would. all my friends out here are like family to me and friends help each other out and it’s sad that I can’t help some of my friends out,” Taylor said.

Gustafson told Action News Now if it’s raining too hard, the city might consider a slight extension but overall the goal is to start enforcement by Monday.

Enforcement at Chico’s homeless site to start soon | Regional

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