EU parliament calls on Fifa to compensate families of migrant workers

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The European Union’s parliament has urged FIFA to help compensate the families of migrant workers who died or suffered rights abuses during World Cup preparations.

In a vote on Thursday, MEPs also called on Qatari authorities to conduct a full investigation into human rights abuses in the run-up to the contest.

Qatar has come under fire for its treatment of migrant workers in light of the country currently hosting the World Cup.

The resolution also condemned reports of abuse of the LGBTQ+ community in Qatar and called on the country to decriminalize homosexual relations.

Several MEPs wore the anti-hate ‘OneLove’ armband, which seven European World Cup captains refused to wear after pressure from FIFA.

Since FIFA awarded the World Cup to Qatar in 2010, the country has changed some of its labor laws, and before the World Cup, organizers repeatedly said that everyone is welcome – although Human Rights Watch said that LGBT people Was arrested during the World Cup.

However, Malcolm Bidali, a former security guard who was jailed in Qatar for speaking out about working conditions and a former British diplomat and founder of the human rights group Fairsquare, shared firsthand knowledge with . independent What life is really like on the ground for workers in Qatar.

In a panel discussing migrant workers in Qatar, Bidali spoke about the long hours faced by all workers, the poor conditions and the inability of employers to be able to do anything.

She said: “You can’t go back so you’re stuck. You just become resilient, you know, you just become indifferent to all of that. If you take things literally, you become narcissistic.” They may turn to drugs and even suicide, so a sense of humor is important.

Malcolm was arrested in May 2021 for 12 weeks after Qatari authorities discovered he had been blogging anonymously about workers’ conditions. He has since returned to Kenya and started an activist group, Migrant Defenders.

EU parliament calls on Fifa to compensate families of migrant workers

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