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Millions of Americans flying

EUGENE, Ore. — Although it’s not quite Christmas, a hot turkey and a day with family is enough to get most Americans moving. 

From the roads to the skies, increased air fare isn’t keeping people home this year. All over the country millions of Americans are traveling this Thanksgiving. The traffic is even noticeable in Eugene Airport. 

According to Eugene Airport officials, passenger levels have risen more than 30% higher than their pre-pandemic levels. Since the COVID-19 pandemic Eugene airport added two other airlines. The airport also expanded the short and long-term parking lots recently. 

Planes at Eugene Airport

Everyone is acknowledging the airport is pretty busy. 

 “It’s definitely getting busier today, and Friday is really busy, tomorrow is not too bad yet.” said Brian Bach, a traveler at the airport, the day before Thanksgiving.

“What I noticed is that the airport is packed, and every seat seems to be filled so it seems like people are gearing up for travel.” said Ken Schrader, another traveler

 Travelers should also take note of some tips when they head out to catch their flight. 

 “Definitely come early. I would recommend two to three hours before your flight as you have to go through TSA. Dress warmly, pack a jacket that you can put in your carry on so that you could either take it off or put it back on.” said Terri Keefer, another traveler at the Eugene Airport.


A number of travelers said they wanted others to be respectful of airport employees because they are dealing with a lot this Thanksgiving.


“Yes, this is a holiday season for everyone, that includes you, traveling to meet with your loved ones. It’s also the pilots, and the airplane staff, and the TSA staff, who are kind to everybody. It’s everybody’s holiday.” said Bonnie Allen, a traveler.

Officials and travelers also said it’s important to show up early even in a smaller airport like the Eugene Airport. A good rule of thumb is to show up two hours before a scheduled flight.

Eugene Airport reports increased traffic for holidays | News

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