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in an interview with Pharmacy TimesIndya Wilson, Pharmacy Education Support Specialist, Novant Health Pharmacy Administration, discusses her role in pharmacy and the benefits of alternative career paths for pharmacists.

Q: First, could you describe your position and role at the pharmacy?

India Wilson: My position at Novant Health is Specialist in Pharmaceutical Education Support. This position is a system-wide role and therefore affects all pharmacies. Q: What are your daily tasks?

India Wilson: Well, part of my role is helping with training materials and answering questions. They wanted to know why they couldn’t find his new team member and enroll in the course. After doing some research, I discovered that the manager’s title didn’t match the new employee’s. It was a different manager than that new employer, which made sense to them.

If you are not working on the training material [I am] Answer the questions or prepare for the upcoming orientation class. We have two orientation classes, once a month and once a quarter, so it takes time to prepare. I usually work on these projects independently.

Q: What qualifications and training were required for your role?

India Wilson: My role required me to have at least a bachelor’s degree, be proficient in Microsoft Office products, and have at least two years of experience in a healthcare environment. After joining, I received additional training and was able to use SharePoint Online and other tools we use here at Novant Health.

Q: Why are alternative and professional career paths for pharmacists important for pharmacists and pharmacists?

India Wilson: We believe they are important because we use our experience to help build out the different needs of the general healthcare system. , which is important because pharmacy technicians can work in their area of ​​expertise, so pharmacists can do additional work outside the pharmacy taking care of more patients.

It also helps relieve some of the pressure on leadership. Like I said, I play a training role. Leaders don’t have to develop training products. Just visit your SharePoint site and pull down what you need.

Q: How has the changing pharmacy landscape affected the different roles of pharmacists?

India Wilson: I believe the changing landscape has led to the creation of a highly hands-on pharmacist. When we can practice at the top of our certifications, we help support pharmacists who can also practice at the top of their qualifications.

Q: What advice would you give to pharmacists who want to consider a different career path?

India Wilson: Once you get started, ask questions and learn more about the roles around you. I have been in medicine since she was 14 years old. When I went from different positions, I started to see what I wanted and what I didn’t want. I believe the best way to become a medical professional is to be around and work with medical professionals.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

India Wilson: Yes, I spent a good portion of my career as a military pharmacy specialist. When I returned to healthcare outside of the military, I was pleasantly surprised at how far my pharmacist career had progressed. Just like before I joined the military, I was a pharmacy technician at Rite Aid, just counting pills and cashing people. Then when I came back, I had all these positions and titles and responsibilities that weren’t there before. So not only can we practice at the top of our certifications, but we can also earn these additional qualifications that will help support a very rewarding career.

Experts Discuss the Role of Pharmacy Education – New Hubs Uk

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