Family of Mom Held Hostage by Mexican Kidnappers Speaks Out

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A Los Angeles family is living in a state of fear today.

The siblings are all glued to their phones seeking out any clues about the fate of their mother, who was kidnapped in Mexico.

Maria del Carmen Lopez is an American citizen and mother of seven.

She was abducted by four men while watering her plants outside her home in Mexico, according to an eyewitness

“My mother was saying, ‘No, I’m not leaving with you. I’m not getting in the car,'” her daughter Zonia Lopez tells Inside Edition. “They covered her mouth and they put her inside the van and drove away.”

Zonia believes this was a targeted kidnapping that happened while their father was away on a trip.

She also says that her mother’s kidnappers have demanded a ransom.

Zonia says she is not allowed to speak about the ransom, but did share her reaction when she saw the amount that her mother’s kidnappers were asking for from the family. 

“It was chilling,” Zonia says. “It was just shock because we don’t have that type of money.”

The FBI is also helping out the family, and hoping to get information about the location of Maria del Carmen Lopez by offering a $20,000 reward.

The kidnapping occurred five weeks ago in the town of Pueblo Nuevo in Colima, Mexico.

The U.S. State Department has issued a do not travel warning for that area of the country. 

Most of Mexico is currently under some sort of travel warning or advisory due to violent crime.

Earlier this month, four Americans were kidnapped in broad daylight, two of whom were killed.

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret asked the Lopez family what they wanted people to know about their mother.

“She’s a very loving person, grandma, mom,” one daughter says while fighting tears. “I can’t wait to have my mom back.”

The family also has a message for their mom’s kidnappers.

“Give us our mother. That’s all we need. That’s all we’re asking for it,” Zonia says. “She deserves to be with her family.”

An FBI spokesperson says that the agency is conducting a joint investigation with law enforcement officials in Mexico.

The family also has a  GoFundMe page.


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Family of Mom Held Hostage by Mexican Kidnappers Speaks Out

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