Florida judge approves Petito request to add Laundrie lawyer to lawsuit

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Florida judge approves Petito request to add Laundrie lawyer to lawsuit

A Florida judge on Tuesday approved Brian Laundry’s request to include former attorney Steve Bertolino in a lawsuit against his parents.

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Gabi’s parents Joseph Petito and Nicole Schmidt originally filed a lawsuit against Christopher and Roberta Laundry earlier this year, accusing the couple of knowing killed his son Being aware of Gabi and her location but refusing to speak.


trial It is also alleged that the parents were trying to find some way to get their son out of the country.

A key aspect at the center of the lawsuit is a statement dated September 14, 2021, that Bertolino shared with the media on behalf of the laundry parents.

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GABBY PETITO parents’ attorney claims in court filing that Roberta Laundry offered to lend shovel to son

Pat Reilly, an attorney for Petitto and Schmidt, alleges that the statement is “disparaging”, and the lawsuit alleges that at the time it was made, Laundry and his attorney knew that their son had killed Petitto.

Judge Danielle Brewer motioned for leave to amend the lawsuit a second time—allowing the Petito-Schmidt team to add Bertolino to the suit.

“The decision was not unexpected,” he told Fox News Digital after the hearing. “This incident, like all others, will work out in the end. Somehow.”

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Gabe Petito’s parents want to add attorney Steven Bertolino to prosecute Brian Laundry’s family

Petito’s family last heard from him in late August 2021, two weeks after a 911 caller in Utah reported seeing Laundry being publicly killed.

Her last known location was near Jackson, Wyoming on 28 August. On September 1, Laundry drove to her parents’ home in Florida driving Petito’s van.

She was not with him.

His parents had reported him missing on 11 September.

Gabby Petito poses for an Instagram photo in Bryce Canyon National Park.

An FBI-led search recovered her body outside Jackson on September 19, and the Teton County coroner ruled that she died of hand-held strangulation and blunt-force trauma to the head and neck.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundry: Bombshell Video Appears Hours Before Murder

Police in Moab, Utah stopped Brian Laundry on August 12 after he publicly slapped Gabe Petito.

Laundry had left her parents’ home on September 13 and went to Myckahatchee Creek Environmental Park, where her remains were found on October 20, 2021 – after several weeks of futile searches in a temporarily flooded park.

After the water level receded, the police recovered him with a handwritten confession and a revolver.

The FBI said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gabby Petito's parents and step-parents during an interview on October 7, 2021, about the then-active search for Brian Laundry, who is accused of murdering his daughter in Wyoming before returning to her parents' home in Florida and He is suspected of having killed himself in a nearby swamp.

The families of Gabi and Brian agreed to a $3 million settlement last year in a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of the Petito family’s Brian Laundry.

Gabi’s family has also filed a petition $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Moab Police Department, alleging that officers failed to properly handle a 911 call after a witness claimed to have seen Brian hitting Gabby and trying to steal her phone a few weeks before her death. Saw doing The lawsuit names the department, two officers who responded to the call, and two former leaders.

Florida judge approves Petito request to add Laundrie lawyer to lawsuit

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