Former top 10 pick is likely odd man out for Knicks at close

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The New York Knicks are expected to be active in the days leading up to the trading deadline and there are three players they can trade.

Derrick Rose, Evan Fournier and Cam Reddish are the three most likely transfer candidates but the trio have very different worth in the league. Rose and Fournier are what they are at this point, and most teams know exactly what they would get on a potential trade on these two. Reddish is a wild card as he is still young enough to turn things around and become a prolific player.

He had a chance to do so for the Knicks to start the season, but he has since been removed from the rotation entirely and it doesn’t look like he has a chance to return to the rotation. Bleacher Report’s Adam Wells tends to refer to Reddish as the “outlander” for the Knicks, and many fans would agree with that assessment.

Of the three players, Reddish has garnered the most interest and that could ultimately see him signing up for another roster after the trade deadline.

“Cam Reddish seems like the odd man out among the younger players on the roster,” Wells wrote. “NBA insider Marc Stein reported last week that the Knicks “doubled down” on efforts to trade him after being unable to agree on an extension during the offseason.”

The Knicks were reported to have bought Immanuel Quickley at some point this season, but his emergence as the top starter and sixth man likely took him off the table, leaving Reddish as the most likely trade option among the youngsters.

The writing was on the wall for Reddish and his Knicks future after the two sides failed to sign a renewal. This means he will fall into restricted free hands once his contract expires. If he’s still with the Knicks at this point, it’s unlikely the team will match an offer sheet for him since they don’t already play him as is. Reddish hasn’t appeared in any games since December 3rd.

Historically there have been three teams associated with Reddish and they were the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers just traded for Wizards forward Rui Hachimura, which could put them out of the running for Reddish unless they’re looking to add another raw talent to the team.

The Bucks could be an option, and the Knicks have kicked hoops on a possible deal with Grayson Allen, so the two sides could perhaps find common ground there. The Mavericks are still working on finding a real co-star for Luka Doncic and while Reddish isn’t, it’s hard to imagine him harming that squad.

But The Athletic’s Fred Katz says concerns about the luxury tax could put those teams out of the running.

“Neither will teams interested in him want to play with the difference between, say, a minimum salary and his qualifying offer,” he wrote. “Look at the group who reportedly contacted the Knicks about him. The Lakers have room for caps next summer and won’t want to bite into them. The Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks will have luxury tax concerns.”

There is still plenty of time for teams to make moves, but the trade deadline is February 9th, so deals must be completed before then. The Lakers are the first team to make a notable move, so maybe that’s why the dominoes started falling.

Former top 10 pick is likely odd man out for Knicks at close

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