Frequent theft, break-ins frustrating for University of Oregon students | Regional

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EUGENE, Ore. — At least two University of Oregon students say they are frustrated by a lack of response to frequent incidents of burglary and theft in their rental housing.

Jack Young, now in his fourth year at UO, said his troubles began while living in the dorms his freshman year when his father bought him a bicycle since he didn’t have a car. It was stolen within two terms.

For his sophomore year, Jack got a new bike with a better lock. Thieves stripped the bike down to its bare frame. After he moved out of the dorms and into rental housing with friends for his junior year, Jack said multiple break-ins occurred with shoes, televisions, shoes and more stolen.

“He asked the rental company to fortify the house, and they wouldn’t do it,” said Chris Young, Jack’s father. “So Jack and his buddies spent several hundred dollars getting better locks, better window protection… the landlord actually did a surprise inspection, couldn’t get in the house, so they fine them. You know, they fine them, got to take this fortification down and then a couple of weeks, they’re broken into again.”

Jack said he had renters insurance and made a claim but was told he could only get a partial repair because they don’t cover theft in Eugene. Most recently, during spring break of 2023, Jack was notified through the security camera system that he had purchased of an attempted break-in, which he reported to the police.

Chris said the ongoing issues are unneeded stress, given his son should just be focused on finishing his degree.

Another student who moved into one of Jack’s old homes had a similar experience.

“One of our moms emailed the landlords and then they emailed us and they were like, ‘we’re so sorry to hear that you don’t feel safe, you should definitely be calling the police as much as you can, like, we can drive by the house,’” said Audrey Alan, another UO student. “We haven’t been offered a ton of options, honestly, other than just calling the police.”

Alan said she’s had mail stolen and there have been break-in attempts at her front door. She said she and her roommates are terrified to live there every day.

Alan also said students don’t believe they are treated with urgency when they report incidents to the police, and said the police tend to prioritize student party patrol enforcement.

KEZI 9 News reached out to the University of Oregon Police Department but have not heard back.

Frequent theft, break-ins frustrating for University of Oregon students | Regional

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