Game Show Host’s Return Confirmed for Revival

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Game show fans rejoice! Not only is the viral game show Name Your Price coming back, but it seems its main hosting duo will stay intact. On the heels of host AustinShow revealing the price-guessing series was returning after G4TV’s shutdown, he also confirmed that his co-host, Will Neff, will also be back. “Yes, [Will Neff] is and ALWAYS will be the co-host of Name Your Price!” Austin wrote on Twitter.

Neff, a former co-host of Attack of the Show!, confirmed his return, as well. He shared the news of Misfits Gaming Group saving the show with a two-word reaction: “We back.” Austin replied to Neff with a two-word remark to his own, writing, “F— YEAH.”

Neff is an actor/comedian who is among the high-profile names on the streaming platform Twitch. Aside from the AOTS! spot, he regularly appeared on the variety show’s talk show spinoff AOTS: Vibe Check. He also portrayed the character of Donna in the live call-in advice show Hey, Donna!, which is also slated to be revived soon. Neff is also the co-host of the podcast Fear& with Hasan Piker. The interview-based podcast has large followings on YouTube, Patreon and podcasting platforms.  The online personality was also nominated in the “League of Their Own” category at the 2023 Streamer Awards.

A release date for Name Your Price Season 3 has not been named, but it comes as AustinShow officially joined up with Misfits Gaming Group as an executive producer and on-screen talent. Austin, who is also known for his Twitch dating series Love or Host, is set to develop more series for the esports company.

Misfits Gaming Group’s press release on the signing: “By joining Misfits and leveraging the company’s robust operational and content support, AustinShow will continue his mission of providing opportunities for creators and streamers from a variety of different backgrounds to come together and make truly entertaining content.”

Austin added, “From the moment Ben (Spoont, founder,) and I spoke about the vision for Misfits, I knew this was the perfect place for me to bring my best ideas to life. In Misfits, I have a supportive partner who supports my craft and empowers my creative vision. Having the opportunity to re-launch a bigger, better version of Name Your Price this year is just the beginning, as we embark on an ambitious plan to create more great series and streams together.”

Name Your Price originally aired on linear cable/satellite, Pluto TV, Twitch and YouTube. However, Season 3’s rollout strategy hasn’t been disclosed yet. Spoont hinted that both digital and traditional distribution channels are in play.

“In AustinShow, Misfits is getting a triple threat – a powerhouse entertainer, showrunner and IP builder,” Spoont said. “By leveraging his existing IP portfolio and working to produce new projects with him, we will immediately add IP to our current Misfits channels, with further opportunities to expand distribution into the OTT/OTA landscape.” (OTT means over-the-top or internet-based distribution. OTA means over-the-air or cable/satellite/antenna distribution.)

Game Show Host’s Return Confirmed for Revival

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