Home fire at midnight.. Alexa tool saved 6 lives by giving alert –

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In today’s digital age, people eagerly buy and use gadgets like cell phones and iPads which provide them with useful services that make them happy. They provide better convenience and experience to the users. But only one family in America survived a big accident with the help of gadget.

Many people are now using Amazon’s company’s smart speaker Alexa. Alexa, a smart device operated through a web service, Alexa speaks in various world languages, including Tamil. This tool is used to answer all the questions asked by the users in seconds, play the song you want, listen to the story you want and get many more services. Alexa powered by artificial intelligence has saved the lives of six members of a family living in Maryland, USA.

Pete Pringer, a government spokesman for the area, said of the incident that the family involved had an Alexa device at home. When they were sleeping in their house at night, the Alexa device gave an emergency alert. When he woke up, he saw smoke coming out of the fire in his house. Good job they saved all major fires in the early stages of the fire thanks to Alexa’s warning. Otherwise, if the fire had spread during sleep, the lives of six people would have been in great danger.

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In the first phase of investigation, it has been revealed that it could be due to a fault that occurred while charging his electric bike in the garage. An incident where a smart device saved a huge life has grabbed everyone’s attention on social media.

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Home fire at midnight.. Alexa tool saved 6 lives by giving alert –

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