I dyed an old wedding dress pink for prom: ‘Like a Disney princess’

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A bride’s trash became this teen’s treasure.

Megan Johnson, a 17-year-old high school student, dyed an old wedding dress pink for her senior prom.

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Johnson, also known as @therealmeganjohnson On Tiktok, posted a video on March 12 in which she explained how she created her dream look.

“This is me dying a wedding dress I thought to wear to prom!” she captioned the clip, now with more than 10 million views.


The fashionista begins the process by stitching the wedding gown and embellishing it with pearls and other features to make sure it fits perfectly.

Once it’s time for a change, she fills a tub with warm water, dips in a bottle of pink liquid and stirs the solution with a mop according to the dye manufacturer’s instructions.

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Johnson takes a deep breath before plunging the pure white gown into the water.

The 17-year-old soaks her soon-to-be prom dress inside a tub, hoping it doesn’t come out pink.

“I’m going to take one more look before I seal my fate,” as she places the dress inside the container—and leaves it to soak.

“I rocked it for 30 minutes, I didn’t want it too dark, but I think it came out lovely,” Johnson later explained as she laid the now-bubblegum pink dress on the garage floor.

“Should I try it tomorrow?” he teased his followers.

Within four days of posting, 2,000 viewers had requested to see her in the new gown.

“It turned out great! You did awesome! Do we get to see this???” remarked a curious onlooker. “Please try one,” pleaded another.

Others were surprised to see that the bridal gown she wore was the exact same style as the one she wore at her wedding ceremony.

“This is my exact wedding dress from David’s Bridal in 2001. Amazing to see what you did with it,” wrote one. Another said, “It’s my wedding dress! LOL.”

Tikoker eventually posted a 32-second video to his viewers on March 13, in which he can be seen having fun in a field and singing along to Lizzie McAlpine’s song “Ceilings”.

Many of Johnson’s 23,000 followers were thrilled with the finale, comparing her to “Barbie” or a “Disney princess”.

“Well done! It turned out beautiful! And it’s perfect on you!” wrote an appreciative viewer.

Megan Johnson
She was pleased with the pink color at the end of the first video.

Megan Johnson
Viewers fell in love with the ending, calling Johnson a “Disney princess”.

The DIY dress makeover baffled a seasoned Dior. “This is so beautiful!!! That’s the best thing I’ve seen Rhett do for something. Usually, it’s so uneven but this looks perfect!” he wondered.

Some fashion fans suggested ways for Johnson to elevate her prom ensemble.

“Now add a flower, crown necklace and gloves to go with it,” advised one, leaning towards a princess vibe.

Another said, “Imagine if you cut like 2-3 inches off and put on a petticoat or hoop skirt to get a dreamy Dior silhouette ✨.”

The suggestion sparked an idea for Johnson, who replied, “I’ll do it after prom 🤫.”

I dyed an old wedding dress pink for prom: ‘Like a Disney princess’

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