I live rent-free in a backyard shed

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For Aniya Warne, the home away from home is literally steps away from her parents’ house.

That’s because the 21-year-old lives in a shack in her parents’ Boise, Idaho park.

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Warne went viral on TikTok for his cozy setup, which includes a spacious bedroom, a closet and a mini fridge – but no bathroom or kitchen.

For those amenities, he has to trek through his family’s lush yard and to the main house.


“What do I do about the bathroom or kitchen?” Warne said in a follow up video to initial viral attack Answering one of the viewer’s questions, after the clip has been viewed 1.5 million times. “Okay, I walk, like, 10 feet in and right as you walk in there’s the bathroom, there’s the kitchen.”

Beyond those two necessities, though, her wee setting is more or less furnished: In addition to her bed, there’s a desk, a TV, “a lovely chair,” lots of plants and shelving, a mini-fridge, a mirror, and a nightstand. “With the necessary.”

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There are also two entrances, as Warne has doors on both sides that she usually uses as well as a wall that opens up, bringing in fresh air and sunlight.

In addition to the cooking and bathing facilities, onlookers were also fascinated by whether bugs were a big issue, with an entire wall of the space apparently completely open to the elements.

The warren has two shed entrances: a side door and this wall that opens.

Aniya Warne Bois Shed
Inside Warne’s shed.

Aniya Warne Bois Shed
She goes to the main house for the kitchen and bathroom.

“Bugs are not bad,” Warne clarified in a response. “Especially when the doors are closed.”

She is used to nature, as it were, grew up in it.

“I actually lived in the mountains for much of my childhood on like a 24-acre property, so I got my experience with that, I work on a mountain right now and it’s my backyard,” she said yet another video,

To control the temperature, his shed is equipped with both air conditioning and heat.

“I love my rent free shed,” Warne captioned the video.

I live rent-free in a backyard shed

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