Kanye West reportedly asked for $1million for use of a song in ‘Lockwood & Co’

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Kanye West reportedly asked for $1million for use of a song in ‘Lockwood & Co’

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The cost as well as producer Joe Cornish stated that the rapper’s recent behavior meant that Synch “wouldn’t be shouting so well”.

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Kanye West reportedly asked Netflix for $1 million (£810,000) for one of his songs to be used in new series Lockwood & Company,

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Joe Cornish’s new spy thriller debuts on the streaming service this Friday (27 January).

The producer discussed in a press conference how he intends to use the song ‘Kids See Ghosts’ from Kanye’s 2018 album with Kid Cudi under the same pseudonym during the show.

“But then we tried to clean it up and Kanye asked for something like a million dollars – and we had to redo it every year or something,” Cornish revealed Metro,

He added that in addition to the extortion request, the rapper’s recent behavior meant that “it probably wouldn’t be such a good shout” regardless.

summary for Lockwood & Company Reads: “In London, where the most talented teenage ghost-hunters venture into the night in dangerous battles with deadly spirits, among the many corporate, adult-run agencies, one stands out: one without any occupational imperatives or adult supervision.” Freelance – A small startup run by two teenage boys and a newcomer, a mentally gifted girl, a renegade trio destined to uncover a mystery that will change the course of history: Lockwood & Company.

Elsewhere, there are reports that Kanye West is planning a trip to Australia with Bianca Sensi – the Australian woman and Yeezy employee who he is rumored to have “married” in an informal ceremony earlier this month.

Diverse Australian shops has reported that West is set to visit the country to meet the family of Sensori, originally from Melbourne.

However, Dvir Abramovich, president of the Jewish-Australian Community Organization anti defamation commissionhas called for West to be denied entry to the country in 2022 because of his stream of anti-social comments.

West’s anti-social remarks drew strong backlash last year, and led to commercial consequences such as Adidas ending its long-running Yeezy partnership with the rapper, calling his actions “unacceptable, disgusting and dangerous”. Balenciaga severed ties with West, his Yeezy products were removed from Gap stores in which they were previously stocked, athletes Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald left his Donda Sports Agency, and his Donda Academy was closed.

Kanye West reportedly asked for $1million for use of a song in ‘Lockwood & Co’

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