Largest Tesla supercharging station in Oregon opens in Sutherlin | News

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The supercharging station is not only the largest in Oregon, but the largest in North America, outside of California.

SUTHERLIN, Ore. — The largest Tesla supercharging center in Oregon opened in Sutherland on March 18. With 51 superchargers, the station is not only the largest in the state, but the largest in North America outside of California.

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Sutherlin’s mayor, Michelle Sumner, cuts the ribbon to officially open the city’s Tesla supercharging station.

Even bigger than the charging station, officials said, is the opportunity the station presents for the city.

“I expect to see people from out of town finding different businesses here that they didn’t know about,” Michelle Sumner, the Sutherlin Mayor said. “They’re going to start coming here once they see what’s happening here, and coming back for things they didn’t know here.”

Despite having a population of only about 9,000, Sutherlin was seen as a perfect spot for the charging station, officials with the chamber of commerce said. The city is tucked right next to Interstate 5 and is just about halfway between San Francisco and Seattle.

“I mean we now have a proper stake here to bring visitors and to have that stop to where they can stop and fill up, they can stop and charge here,” Jessica Batchelor, the Executive Director of the Sutherlin Area Chamber of Commerce said. “With Tesla supercharging, with us being the biggest one in our state, to stop here to see what we have to visit, to just take some time off and look around. This is a great place to slow down and get off the freeway.”

The supercharging center also sits near many restaurants and shops, seeming to be a prime location for travelers.

“”By the time I have taken care of the facilities, gotten my cup of coffee or a sandwich, or whatever, and gotten back to the car, it’s charged and ready for the next 200 miles,” Phil Barnhart, president of the Emerald Valley Electric Vehicle Association.

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Many area Tesla owners came out to celebrate the supercharging station’s grand opening.

Deepak Amiraddy is one of the landlords for the property the supercharging center sits on. For the Indian immigrant, he said the center opening was literally an American dream come true.

“And it took ten years truly. We got something here, second largest in the USA,” Amiraddy said. “I definitely feel a proud moment for us. And again I would say, you know, America is the land of opportunity for anyone. People are so warm and welcoming. If you have the good attitude to work hard, work sincerely, you have the opportunity.”

On its first day of operation, all 51 charging stalls were being used.

For those electric vehicle owners who do not drive Teslas, Sutherlin does have other chargers just down the block from the supercharging station.

Largest Tesla supercharging station in Oregon opens in Sutherlin | News

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