Let’s get organized on guns and ‘deal with mass shootings beforehand,’ ex-NYPD commish

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let’s unite on guns

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Howard Safir, NYC’s police commissioner from 1996 to 2000:

“Our system lists 350 million guns in the United States. The biggest cause of death is children. We need to deal with mass shootings already.

“The red flags are there. The shooter from Nashville had a history of mental issues. Yet each state has a separate red flag law if they have one. Health providers are not required to notify the police when someone exhibits violent tendencies. Nashville had no information or red flag laws! ,

“The police need to be informed when someone exhibits such tendencies.

“The notification goes into a secure database and can be provided to gun dealers like airlines’ no fly lists that show up in background checks. Remember: That Nashville shooter bought his guns ‘legally’

“Many shooters post intentions well in advance on social media. Companies already have algorithms that identify objectionable posts. Why not the same for a potential mass shooter?

“We need background checks and a return to assertive policing. Criminals no longer fear the police. Unbridled no bail laws have put them and their guns back on the street.”

Former NYPD commissioner Howard Safir said, “When someone exhibits these kinds of tendencies the police need to be notified.”
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Make a Choice, by George

Capitol Hill has begun to sob loudly about newly elected forked-tongued Congressman George Santos of Long Island—maybe his tripe will be cut short—the human Pinocchio currently repeating to citizens of our great nation Is.

Santos – who fakes his pantos – is under federal, NY state and Nassau County criminal investigation.

But Republicans in Congress don’t care to wait.

They want stinky George Santos out! Now! like yesterday.

George Santos
Rape. George Santos leaves a House GOP convention meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 25, 2023.

There is a lot of noise from the newcomers in the House, who are being accused by big donors of keeping them in Congress.

and to accept it. To protect her

They’ve just told Speaker Kevin McCarthy that it’s either Santos – or them.

McCarthy may have to choose.

spring cleaning

you will not believe it. But believe it. There is a car wash in Great Neck, LI, with the sign: “Passover Special.”

So if you don’t want to wash your two-year-old BMW with moist matzos, give them a try. Truth. This is true. absolutely true.

And lest you dare to accuse me of lying – may your hair turn white. And mine too – again.

it’s just a name

mark levin
Manhattan Borough President Mark Levin makes remarks at a rally in Times Square supporting New York City’s bid to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention.
Europa Newswire/Shutterstock

Mark Levin defeated Bradley Madison Hoyleman of West Virginia for Manhattan Borough President. Hoylman then married David Siegal in a temple, left Madison, changed his name to Brad Hoylman-Siegal, which made him unbeatable in West Side political races. He is now the chairman of the Dem’s Senate Judiciary Committee. I know it’s “who cares?”

no laughing matter. UCLA says that 65 species — cows, foxes, seals, mongooses, some bird types and even dogs — laugh. Plus, they say, rats. Scientists were surprised by this. So although we applaud Manhattan’s latest garbage collection manifesto, don’t be alarmed if NYC’s newest resident — the rat — is laughing at us.

Oi, only in New York, baby, only in New York.

Let’s get organized on guns and ‘deal with mass shootings beforehand,’ ex-NYPD commish

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