Man Arrested Again in 2006 Colorado Cold Case: D

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A man was arrested in Alaska last week in connection to a 2006 Colorado cold case murder, marking the second time he has been charged in the case since a judge previously dismissed his original charges on lack of evidence, according to the Boulder County District Attorney.

On March 9, authorities arrested John Angerer, 53, in Anchorage, Alaska, on a charge of second-degree murder for the 2006 killing of Angela Wilds. His arrest earlier this month marked the second time he was arrested and charged with Wilds’ murder.

Wilds’ body was found by hikers in the South St. Vrain Canyon in 2006, just over three miles outside of Lyons in unincorporated Boulder County.

She was wearing a cross ring on her left hand and investigators said her nude body appeared to have been dragged from a nearby shallow grave, presumably by a large predator. Deputies located a pair of yellow ski pants, a sleeping bag, a pillow in a pillowcase all neatly folded near the grave, according to CBS News.

Investigators said there was no information that identified the victim and she remained unidentified for months. In November of 2006, DNA confirmed the woman’s identity as Wilds, who would have been 38 years old.

Angerer was initially arrested in 2010 but then released when a judge determined there wasn’t enough evidence to link him to the crime.

However, the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office and detectives continued to work on the cold case and in a press release obtained by Inside Edition Digital, investigators said they were able to identify new witnesses, re-interview individuals previously known to law enforcement, consult with forensic pathologists, and submit further items to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing and DNA analysis.

The District Attorney’s Office presented the case to the Grand Jury. On Feb. 16, 2023, the Grand Jury returned an indictment for the crime of second-degree murder.

The indictment was sealed pending the arrest of the defendant. The defendant is now in custody in Alaska and the indictment has been unsealed.

Inside Edition Digital has obtained the unsealed indictment on Angerer, which says that new evidence including much more conclusive DNA evidence, additional acts of strangulation motivated by domestic violence, and additional detail and expert opinion provided by a  pathologist, support probable cause for the charge of murder in the second degree.

Boulder County Sheriff Curtis Johnson stated in the press release, “I am glad that we were able move our investigation into the homicide of Angela Wilds forward. I am proud that our detectives didn’t give up on this cold case, we know Angela’s family has been waiting a long time for this day to come. Her family is in our thoughts as we take the next steps in the judicial process.”

District Attorney Michael Dougherty added, “We are determined to secure justice for the murder of Angela Wilds, some closure for her loved ones, and answers for our community. I am grateful for the tireless efforts and dedication of the investigators and prosecutors on this case. We sincerely appreciate the time and service of the grand jurors. Today’s announcement is an important step; we are committed to the work ahead.”

Angerer is in custody in Alaska waiting extradition, so he has not made an appearance in Boulder County. He has not entered a plea.

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to Boulder County courts to see if Angerer has obtained a lawyer but has not heard back.

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Man Arrested Again in 2006 Colorado Cold Case: D

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