Man who shot and injured Kenosha Police officer sentenced to decades in prison | Crime & Courts

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The man who shot and seriously injured a Kenosha police officer in August 2020 was sentenced to decades in prison on Wednesday afternoon.

Jonathan T. Massey, 31, was sentenced to 48 years in prison for attempted first-degree intentional homicide, felon possession of a firearm and two counts of jumping bail.

Massey shot Constable Justin Pruett after the officer stopped to speak to him because he matched the description of a suspect in a vehicle entry complaint in the 4600 block of Sheridan Road on the 8th August 2020.

In an encounter partially captured on team video, Massey shot Pruett in the abdomen around 5 a.m. around 13th Avenue and 50th Street. He shot Pruett after the officer deployed a Taser when Massey refused to cooperate, became combative and started pulling something out of his pants.

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Pruett suffered serious injuries and had to undergo emergency surgery to save his life.

Massey, a convicted felon with a long criminal history, fled the state after shooting the officer. He was eventually arrested by US Marshals on August 12, 2020 in Gary, Ind.

Pruett told the court “there are things that will never be healed” and that his family worries about him every time he leaves for work.

Pruett, a US Navy veteran, said the injury left him unable to hold his newborn baby after birth as he couldn’t lift more than a few pounds after his operation.

Still, Pruett said “I love this job, I love what I do, I love this community.”

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley told the court that Massey “simply won’t play by any rules” and “will engage in violence against people in positions of authority.”

“This is a lifelong pattern of (criminal) conduct,” Graveley added. “I have never seen an individual who showed less remorse.”

In an interview with the Kenosha News after the sentencing, Graveley said it was heartening to hear that Pruett was still proud to serve the citizens of Kenosha.

Massey said he believes he did nothing wrong.

“If I wanted to kill him, I would have kept shooting,” Massey said. “I’m furious. I’m angry.”

Massey grew increasingly argumentative Wednesday during his sentencing hearing before Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Jason Rossell. Massey, who repeatedly insulted Rossell and local law enforcement officials in the courtroom, was escorted by sheriff’s deputies when he refused to cooperate and listen to sentencing instructions from the judge.

Massey’s actions in court on Wednesday echoed the disorderly conduct he displayed when he was convicted of his crimes in June. After the guilty verdict, Massey threw a jug of water across the courtroom and threatened Rossell and law enforcement officers.

“You don’t handle (anger) well,” Rossell told Massey before being escorted out. “You shot Officer Pruett because you were angry. … You don’t have the ability to control your anger.”

“I think the sentence is one that will protect the public and that’s the priority in this case,” Graveley told the News.

Massey was represented by attorney Michael Cicchini.

Massey’s criminal history includes numerous felony convictions, beginning with a 2006 armed robbery case that landed Massey in state prison for five years. This case involved a victim and her three children robbed at gunpoint.

Other convictions, according to records, include:

In 2012, he was convicted of assault and battery and disorderly conduct and sentenced to 10 months in Kenosha County Jail.

In 2014, a conviction for grievous bodily harm, which ended in an 18-month state prison sentence that ran concurrently with the 2006 case.

In 2019, Massey was convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession, which earned him a six-month sentence in county jail.

Also in 2019, he was convicted of felony bail jumping and misdemeanor obstruction and was sentenced to one year in county jail.

He also faces felony charges for his outburst in June when he threatened those in court. He is due to appear in court in October.


Man who shot and injured Kenosha Police officer sentenced to decades in prison | Crime & Courts

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