Matty Healy doesn’t want The 1975 to be as big as Foo Fighters

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Matty Healy has said that he doesn’t want 1975 to be as big as Foo Fighters.

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During a recent interview music week, the ’75 frontman talked about not feeling the need to get a hit single. “If I started caring about it now it would stink,” he told the outlet.

“I said centuries ago, everybody wants us to be a huge rock band and we want to be a small emo band.”

Healy continued: “If we get buried, I’m more than happy” [becoming as big as] Fucking Foo Fighters, do you know what I mean? I love Foo Fighters, but I couldn’t do it.

“It’s funny, there’s something about me that’s so poppy and the stuff that comes out is poppy, but the references are never there.”

Later in the conversation, Healy said that 1975 was “offered all the wrong things for the right money” (he recently spoke of his decision to turn down a lucrative deal to support Ed Sheeran).

“I’ve never taken [those offers]And it’s not that I’m proud of myself, but that part of me has been tested,” the singer added. music week, “I’m not particularly concerned about getting old and continuing to record as a band, as we are not remotely commercially minded.

“Which naturally puts us, I don’t want to say credible… We’re just four idiots who are obsessed with alternative music and pop culture, it doesn’t go deeper than that. I don’t care that we are like , ‘Oh shit, we need to do a fucking remix with Marshmallow’.

1975 are about to release their fifth album ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ via Dirty Hit on 14 October.

Healy and co. Have already shared four singles from the record: ‘Part of the Band’, ‘Happiness’, ‘I’m in Love with You’ and most recently ‘All I Need to Here’.

Speaking of the latter cut, Healy explained: “It feels like one of those songs where it feels like I’ve stepped out of the matte-ness of everything.

“And it’s something that Adele can sing… It’s totally understandable, and she’s got to be jacking off or what. [The 1975’s] common theme.”

1975 are set to embark on a major tour of the UK and Ireland in January 2023, following a string of North American concerts this November/December. You can find any remaining tickets Here (UK) and Here (North America).

The 1975 at Reading and Leeds 2022 last month saw a pair of hit-filled title sets – check out NMEHere’s a four-star review of his Reading Show.

Matty Healy doesn’t want The 1975 to be as big as Foo Fighters

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