Mayor Frey, Dr. Cedric Alexander launch

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MINNEAPOLIS — About six weeks after Dr. Cedric Alexander was sworn in as Minneapolis’ first security commissioner, he, along with Mayor Jacob Frey and other local officials, announced a plan to reduce crime in the city.

Called “Operation Endeavor,” Frey called it a comprehensive approach to public safety and it will coordinate city services — from police to prosecutors to violence prevention groups — and tackle crime.

These services are deployed strategically in the city with the help of data.

Starting with the downtown area, “the ripple effects will be felt across the city,” Alexander said at a news conference Thursday afternoon. He was flanked by Frey, Minnesota’s Commissioner of Public Safety John Harrington, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, Minneapolis Police Commander Jason Case, and Jennifer White of the Office of Violence Prevention, among others.

He stressed that the coordination would not lead to the relocation of officers, but would make better use of internal resources, such as the Force Interruption Program. But he also acknowledged the staffing problems that have plagued the Minneapolis Police Department in recent years, and Frey added that they had launched a $1 to 1.2 million campaign to recruit more officers.



The program also coordinates investigations with Freeman’s office and has embedded a specific prosecutor — who is a former police officer — to work with MPD.

Downtown will see more footsteps and bike patrols to fight the increased crime in the area. But Alexander stressed that the data will lead the way and allow flexibility in allocating resources to different areas in the city.

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Alexander called this plan the “culmination point” of the charges he received when he was urged to do the job by Minneapolis Mayor Frey. Ever since he was sworn in last monthhe is charged with overseeing five public safety departments: 911, the city fire department, the emergency management agency, the police and neighborhood safety.

Mayor Frey, Dr. Cedric Alexander launch

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