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BRATTLEBORO — Meara Seery has long sought to save the planet.

Climate CHANGE is its platform for Miss Vermont I answered. CHANGE stands for “Creating Healthier Agriculture, Neighborhoods, Generations and Environments”.

Growing up in Brattleboro, Seery moved around town a lot.

“One of the things that stayed constant,” she said, “was the outdoors.”

Seery, 22, from Brattleboro, said she spends a lot of time outdoors and has developed “a love for nature, the planet and the outdoors”. Since the age of 8, she has participated in Green Up Vermont.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about cleaning up our environment and addressing climate change,” she said.

While at Brattleboro Union High School, Seery joined the Preserve Our Planet club. His group helped put recycled compost in the cafeteria bins.

In college, Seery was one class away from majoring in sustainability. Her thesis focused on water pollution and its effects on communities.

“I wanted to bring this issue to Vermont because I think a lot of people don’t see it as a place directly affected by climate change, but we are quite intensely,” she said.

Seery pointed out that the maple sugaring season is getting shorter every year in Vermont and the impact of global warming on skiing and snowboarding. She said these activities are huge for the state’s agricultural and tourism industries as well as its culture.

Her involvement with the Miss Vermont organization began two years ago while attending George Washington University.

The group provides scholarships for women and has helped her achieve her goal of graduating debt-free.

Seery said she stayed involved with Miss Vermont because of “all the amazing women you meet.”

“Some of my best friends are people I’ve met through the organization, which has been really awesome,” she said. “And I also love the idea of ​​campaigning for an issue or cause that I’m passionate about and being able to travel across the state and being able to talk to people about it.”

Her appearances for Miss Vermont so far have included the Miss America pageant in December at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and a women’s basketball game at the University of Vermont where she sang the “national anthem.” She hopes to compete in the Harris Hill Ski Jump event in Brattleboro next month.

Seery described being “very lucky” to work for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Part of his job is to interview, film and produce videos about Vermonters and their stories.

What started as a semester-long internship a year ago turned into a job with the senator. She was invited to officially join the team in July after starting a second post-graduation internship.

Sanders is as much a celebrity as he is a politician, Seery said. She met him as a child while attending the Heifer Walk Parade, a ‘fun fact’ she used to share with people before becoming one of its employees.

The Miss Vermont pageant will take place on April 15 and 16. Seery said each delegate will be interviewed privately by panelists on day one, then compete on stage the next day.

“That’s where you do talent, evening dress,” she said.

Currently, Seery has 11 Miss Vermont delegates and about a dozen participating teenage delegates. She sells advertisements to appear in a program booklet and for a live broadcast of the event.

“I try to raise as much money as possible because at the end of the day it comes down to us, the women seeking scholarships,” she said. “I reach out to businesses in Brattleboro to see if they would be interested in buying advertising because I’m really proud to be from Brattleboro, and southern Vermont isn’t always the most represented in the organization. I just want to prove that we are a united group and that we want to help.

Seery wants to put boxes in Market 32 ​​in Brattleboro for people to donate recyclables that she can then trade to raise money for the stock market. She offers to pick up recyclables from anyone who might be interested on February 12.

To follow her journey, search @missheartofvermont on Instagram.

Miss Vermont delegate from Brattleboro brings passion for the planet | Local News

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