“My upbringing and personal journey have shaped the values of my firm”

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My father was the son of a farmer. He wanted to become a veterinarian, not a farmer. However, my grandfather didn’t want to pay for her to go to university. So, at the age of 18, soon after the war, he was drafted into the RAF, and after that, he just wanted to travel.

My mother had started nursing during World War II in Carlisle, and after the war, she too wanted to leave a cold, gloomy Britain for the rationed Britain of the 1950s. They both ended up in Bermuda, and the rest is history!

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what did they teach me

The war changed everyone’s perception of life in a way I don’t think we understand it today. But it almost automatically taught the offspring of that generation resilience, gratitude, and the need to work hard to succeed.


Those values ​​have stayed with me and run at my core. In fact, those values ​​belonged to the late Queen, like my parents, so she demonstrated it adequately.

my career

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I’ve always been a self-starter – both my parents taught me that if you needed something, you had to go out and make it or earn it.

While I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to university (and the state paid for it!) I knew that if you wanted to change something, the change started with you.

In the 1990s I wanted to be a scientist-turned-lawyer, which I qualified for through law school in the evenings. As a scientist, I naturally accept IP and all things once in a while.

plot twist

However, upon joining the profession, I realized that it required a radical change. After 10 years of practice in several large law firms, I decided it was time to rock my own boat and tackle customer service issues in the legal profession.

becoming a female founder

I knew that many SMEs were badly served by large law firms, and that smaller law firms did not have the relevant expertise.

Therefore, in 2007 I founded Virtuso Legal with a specific task of helping several companies maximize their profits from their intangible assets.

Sixteen years later, here I am still supporting that cause. As a female founder, I’m proud to be counted among a pioneering group of women entrepreneurs who have been the change we all want to see over the past decade.

because of the values ​​we have now

My upbringing and personal journey have shaped my firm’s values.

My commitment to client service has earned me a reputation for excellence in the legal industry. At Virtuoso Legal, we love to support growing businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We understand the value of hard work, resilience and gratitude. These values ​​are essential to success, and anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to work for it.

Our company has helped many SMEs to protect their intellectual property and achieve their business goals.

We take pride in being the champions of growing businesses. We believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to succeed with the right mindset, determination and support.

Here’s to the next generation of entrepreneurs

My story is only one that is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of pursuing one’s passion.

Here’s to the next generation of entrepreneurs who will carry forward our legacy of innovation, hard work and excellence.

That’s why I’m glad that Virtuoso Legal is not only supporting the innovative ideas of women founders, but also sponsoring the E2E Women 100. In doing so we stand shoulder to shoulder with women founders who, without a doubt, most certainly share a story similar to mine.

“My upbringing and personal journey have shaped the values of my firm”

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