Nearly 90K Disney-themed children’s clothing sets recalled over lead levels

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Nearly 90,000 sets of children’s clothing have been recalled for lead levels, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Wednesday.

According to CPSCBentex is recalling approximately 87,000 sets of children’s clothing in nine different Disney-themed styles because the textile ink has lead levels that exceed either the federal lead paint ban or the lead content ban. lead, posing a risk of lead poisoning.

Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause health problems.

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From November 2021 to August 2022, CPSC saidthe recalled garments were sold for between $5 and $25 at TJ Maxx, dd’s/Ross, Burlington, Army and Air Force Exchange Service and other stores nationwide, as well as online at

Anyone with these recalled items should immediately remove them from children and contact Bentex for instructions on how to return or dispose of the garments to receive a full refund. You can reach Bentex at 800-451-0285 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, by email at or online at Where and click “Remind” at the top of the page for more information.

Item and lot numbers are printed on the garment collar or side label. According to the CPSC, the following styles are included in the recall:

Product Name The description Batch number
Sweater leggings set – G9P6456M 2-piece 100% polyester set for children, from infant to girl size 18. The set includes a yellow long sleeve top with Minnie Mouse print and black leggings with white and yellow flowers. 69P6456MI-0122, 79P6456MI-0122, 89P6456MI-0122, 99P6456MI-0122 69P6456MI-0722, 79P6456MI-0722, 89P6456MI-0722, 99P6456MI-0722
Cycling shorts set – G1E2125MI 2 piece set for toddlers. The set includes a red polyester short sleeve top with a Minnie Mouse print and gray shorts with black polka dots and Minnie Mouse heads. 71E2125MI-0122
Girl Shorts Set – SP2247971DC 2-piece kids set for toddlers through girls in sizes 4-6X. The set is a yellow polyester jersey short sleeve t-shirt with Winnie the Pooh and “Hello Hunny” print. The shorts are light blue with a Winnie the Pooh print and yellow trim. SP2247971DC 3/2022
Girls Shorts Set – SP2246088DS 2 piece kids set for girls ages 4-16. The set is a purple polyester jersey short sleeve t-shirt featuring 4 Disney Descendants characters and the “Wickedly Fierce” print. The shorts are gray with purple trim. SP2246088DS 03/2022
Boys Shorts Set – B2E6459LN 2-piece 100% cotton children’s set for newborns and infants. The set is a green long sleeve top featuring Grodu (baby Yoda) and frog print. The shorts are green striped with prints of Grodus (baby Yoda) and frogs. 02E6459LN-0322, 12E6459LN-0322
Pack of 3 shorts – B2E6919MM The set is a set of three 100% cotton shorts in grey, yellow and brown with a Mickey Mouse print. The shorts have a short color matched drawstring around the waist and are intended for newborns up to boys sizes 4-7. 02E6919MM-0322, 12E6919MM-0322, 22E6919MM-0322, 32E6919MM-0322
Set of 3 trousers – B2P6920MM The set is a set of three 100% cotton grey, yellow and brown sweatpants with a Mickey Mouse print and is intended for newborns through boys in sizes 4-7. 02P6920MM-0322, 12P6920MM-0322, 22P6920MM-0322, 32P6920MM-0322
Children’s shorts set – B2E5094PH 2 piece 100% cotton set for babies and toddlers. The set is a yellow short-sleeved t-shirt featuring Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the “Just beeing me” print. The shorts are gray with the head print of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. 12E5094PH-1021 22E5094PH-1021
Children’s Leggings Set – G2P6361MI Kids’ 2-piece polyester jersey set for babies to girls sizes 4-7. The set is a green short sleeve top with Minnie Mouse and “Best Buds” printed on it. Pink leggings with white flowers and brown polka dots. 62P6361MI-0322, 72P6361MI-0322, 82P6361MI-0322

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Nearly 90K Disney-themed children’s clothing sets recalled over lead levels

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