NHS Trust admits it failed to care for baby who died 23 minutes after birth

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust pleaded guilty to two counts of being a registered person in Nottingham Magistrates’ Court who have failed to provide care and treatment in a safe manner, resulting in damage or loss following the death of Wynter Sophia Andrews on September 15, 2019.

An inquest in 2020 found the child died 23 minutes and 30 seconds after birth from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy – a loss of oxygen supply to the brain – which could have been prevented by Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) staff nottingham delivered them earlier.

Wynter’s mother, Sarah Andrews, said she felt her concerns had been put aside, leaving her “distressed, forgotten and abandoned”.

Ms Andrews was admitted to the QMC on September 14, 2019 at almost 40 weeks gestation and Wynter was delivered at 2:06pm the next day.

At an October 2020 inquest, Assistant Medical Examiner Laurinda Bower concluded that Ms Andrews “did not receive the care and attention that she clinically needed”. and her baby “should have been delivered by cesarean section well before 1406 hours when she was actually delivered”.

In a report on preventing future deaths, Ms Bower said the hospital had “operated in a fundamentally unsafe manner” because it was understaffed, which the inquiry said had happened on several occasions, with staff concerns not being heard.

An investigation of Quality of Care Commission (CQC)which regulates health services in England, ruled staff failed to realize Ms Andrews was in steady rather than latent work, was not responding to high blood pressure readings and made four “inaccurate and inadequate handovers” to colleagues as part of a catalog of mistakes leading up to the baby Wynter’s death.

midwives from the Queen’s Medical Center said they were “overworked and understaffed” and told the court they felt incapable of professionally challenging colleagues.

Baby Wynter’s death is just one of several deaths that have been reported nottingham University Hospital Foundation.

The Care Quality Commission announced last July that it would be prosecuting the trust on two counts, one relating to Wynter and one relating to her mother Sarah Andrews, who is attending the hearing with Wynter’s father, Gary.

District Judge Grace Leong told the court that she will hear submissions on Wednesday before delivering her verdict on Friday.

The hearing continues.

NHS Trust admits it failed to care for baby who died 23 minutes after birth

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