NY Gov Kathy Hochul on rehiring unvaccinated health care workers: Not the ‘right answer’

In this article, you will get all the information regarding NY Gov Kathy Hochul on rehiring unvaccinated health care workers: Not the ‘right answer’

Democrat New York Gov. Cathy Hochul says re-hiring non-vaccinated health care workers isn’t the “right answer” despite overturning the vaccination mandate and a key health care worker shortage in the state.

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“I don’t think the answer is to have someone who comes in, who is sick, be in contact with someone who can give them COVID-19. I don’t know that’s the right answer, but I So, we’re exploring our options,” Hochul told local media on Tuesday when asked about bringing back unvaccinated health care workers. “But I think everyone who goes into a health care facility or nursing home should have reassurance and their family member should know that we’ve taken all the steps we can to protect public health. And that includes ensuring those people Including those who come in contact with them.” At their most vulnerable, when they are ill or elderly, the virus will not pass on.”


New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired without vaccination, orders to return salary

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A reporter stepped back and asked Hochul if there were other precautions, such as wearing masks, to allow unvaccinated health care workers back into hospitals.

“I can’t put people in harm’s way, because when you go into a health care facility, you don’t expect to get any sicker than you have,” Hochul said. The New Yorker would hope so.”

New York Health Department ‘exploring options’ after judge nullifies COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

In the letter of 19 JanuaryA group of 10 lawmakers expressed concern to Hochul about severe staffing shortages, which they say has been exacerbated by the mandate.

“Decades of healthcare experience are being abandoned or pushed to other states as a result of mandates,” the Republican lawmakers wrote in the joint letter. “It is even more notable that the US Centers for Disease Control director has publicly stated that the vaccine does not prevent transmission.”

New York Govt.  Cathy Hochul speaks during the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting in New York, Sept. 20, 2022.

The lawmakers wrote a letter calling the mandate “null, void and of no effect” on January 13 by a state Supreme Court judge.

In his ruling, Judge Gerard Neri said the governor and the New York State Department of Health violated their authority by making the requirement permanent because the COVID-19 vaccine is not covered by the state’s public health law.

Pfizer Covid vaccine safety is ‘obviously something we have to take seriously’: Dr Mark Siegel

“The mandate is outside the purview of the respondents’ authority and is therefore null, void and of no effect,” said Neri.

after rule, state health Department said on Saturday that she was “exploring her options” following the verdict.

Beginning September 27, 2021, the state is requiring health care workers across New York to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or be fired. In the wake of the mandate, thousands of health care workers at nursing homes, hospitals and other health providers have been terminated, furloughed or forced to resign because they did not comply with the mandate, creating a void in the industry. will do.

New York’s health care system is in dire need of staff, with reports of ambulances waiting for hours at local emergency rooms to drop off patients.

NY Gov Kathy Hochul on rehiring unvaccinated health care workers: Not the ‘right answer’

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