Oregon school district sparks outrage, moves meetings online as parents express concerns about gender ideology

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Oregon school district sparks outrage, moves meetings online as parents express concerns about gender ideology

Parents in Oregon’s North Clackamas School District are outraged by a board’s decision to go virtual amid community outrage over LGBTQ+ content taught in area schools and poor academic performance indicated by a Department of Education report.

The board’s move followed an October meeting where parents complained about the curriculum and argued the district was working to keep parents in the dark, according to KATV in Arkansas.

“This district and the way it’s run is a complete dumpster fire,” one father said during the meeting, according to the outlet. “Stop gaslighting us in your little newsletter saying everything is fine.”

Another parent told the board that “school choice and the privatization of education” was coming while others slammed the board for allegedly sowing division among students.

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An empty room during a school board meeting.

Among the main arguments parents made against LGBTQ+ content in the district’s schools were that the content focused on teaching about “gender-affirming care” or encouraged “pornographic” books offered in school libraries, according to KATV.

Parents claim their voices are being stifled by the district and the virtual transition is just the school board’s latest attempt to ensure their concerns aren’t heard.

Michigan parent reads graphic passage in revolt against pornographic book in school library

Students learning gender identity content in the classroom.

One mother, who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, expressed outrage over the content in area schools as well, according to KATV, saying, “It’s not homophobic or transphobic to believe that children should not be sexualized or mutilated under the LGBT umbrella.”

“However, it’s homophobic, transphobic and incredibly harmful to our community that all gay and trans people support it because most of us don’t,” he added.

Parents in the district have characterized the board as “bullies” for pushing back against objectionable content, claiming it is interfering with their pressure to do what they think is best for their children.

According to the portal, Oregon school district books contain pornographic images of sex laws

Gender Queer Books

Gender Queer Books
(LBL Digital)

According to the report, one mother claimed that board members were “rolling their eyes,” “smiling” and “using their phones” while the parents were talking.

The October meeting came to a head when a mother raised concerns about the controversial Maia Kobab book “Gender Queer” and paraded a poster with graphic images of the book that has drawn challenges from parents in school districts across the country.

“‘Well, I think we need to shut this down and go back online,’” announced board member Jenna Benologa, and she and other members walked out as the room erupted in protest.

Attendees shouted, “You’re just scared” and “You disrespected us,” and some parents stayed back and aired their complaints on an active live stream.

In a statement to LBL Digital, the board said the meetings were moved online due to the behavior of some attendees at the controversial October rally.

“We value public input during our board meetings, which is why we invite community members to sign up and address the board with their comments and concerns,” NCSD told LBL Digital. “The main responsibility of board members during the agenda, whether the meeting is in person or online, is to listen. This is not a place for discussion, so they do not provide immediate feedback. This can be frustrating. Speakers and can contribute to the perception that they are not being heard.”

The district added that the Oct. 27 board meeting was moved online because the behavior of some audience members “prevented the board from conducting an orderly meeting with an opportunity to hear further comments.”

“Many of the parents who spoke out on October 27 and claimed that their voices were being silenced also commented during the online board meeting on November 17. They were given the same opportunity to speak at every board meeting and will continue to do so regardless of whether the meeting is held in person. or hosted online,” the statement added.

Oregon school district sparks outrage, moves meetings online as parents express concerns about gender ideology

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