Oregon Senate Republicans share their policy priorities for 2023’s legislature | News

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SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s Senate Republicans are offering their policy priorities today for this year’s state legislative session.

The Senate Republican leadership team outlined its Equitable Oregon agenda (watch the video recording here).

Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) said, “It is important for [our Caucus] that all citizens of Oregon are heard and listened to… We’re not here to burn bridges – we’re here to build them. That is what this Session is about for us: making sure we can build a bridge to a better future and an equitable Oregon.”

The group says its Equitable Oregon agenda focuses on:

Saving Oregonians from Rising Inflation & Increased Cost of Living

  • Return the Kicker as a check, returning $5,200 per household on average – LC 3881
  • Freeze property taxes for Oregon seniors 67+ for primary residence – SJR 17
  • Raise CAT tax coverage threshold to $5 million – SB 127
  • Additional exemption against Oregon estate tax – SB 68
  • Urge balanced budget amendment to United States Constitution – SJM 1
  • Create a business-friendly environment to attract semiconductor industry, creating high paying family wage jobs

Human Dignity in Housing & Homelessness

  • Support housing development goal of 36,000 units yearly
  • Tax deduction for renting room(s) in taxpayer’s primary residence – HB 3032
  • Allow local governments to amend urban growth boundaries to include lands to be used for needed housing – SB 656
  • Financing for infrastructure/predevelopment costs for moderate income housing – SB 534
  • Expand affordability for Oregon renters with additional tax incentives – SB 435
  • Ensure funding for mental health services are being disbursed effectively – SB 300
  • Recriminalize possession/distribution of hard drugs i.e. Fentanyl – SB 735

Promoting Freedom & Prosperity for All Oregonians

  • Require approval by majority of Senate of any reprieve, commutation, or pardon – SJR 11
  • Durational limitations on declarations of emergency by Governor – SJR 14
  • Require all executive clemency actions by Governor be initiated by application and follow specific procedures – SB 667
  • Impeachment process for statewide elected executive branch officials – SJR 13
  • State employees cannot be reimbursed for travel to/from Oregon when living outside of Oregon – LC 3697
  • Protect free and fair elections

Modernizing Oregon’s Education System, Empowering Parents & Students

  • Increase virtual public charter school cap to 5% – SB 707
  • Allow students to enroll in any public school – SB 259
  • Curriculum transparency – HB 2628
  • Nontraditional pathways to licensure for prospective career and technical education teachers – SB 677
  • Pilot program to provide funding to school districts to increase access to schools by homeless students and improving academic achievement – SB 658

Reducing Violent Crime Threatening Our Communities

  • Support Oregonians’ 2nd Amendment rights
  • Increase funding for school resource officers – SB 639, HB 2223
  • Reclassify crime of Violent Felon in Possession of a Firearm as crime category 8 – SB 650
  • Create crime of threatening to commit a terroristic act – SB 664
  • Create crime of controlled substances homicide – SB 649
  • Stricter sentencing for criminals whose assault causes life changing injury – SB 430
  • Increase statute of limitations for rape crime to 20 years – LC 3892

Protecting Oregon’s Farms, Fisheries, & Forests

  • $50 million to Dept. of Forestry for increased forest managing operations in specified wildfire-prone counties – SB 653
  • Require State Forester to actively manage state forestlands to achieve/maintain low forest fuel load levels – SB 665
  • Study rate impacts of implementing reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by House Bill 2021 (2021) – SB 681
  • Protect natural gas use in new or existing residential or commercial buildings – SB 647
  • Remove requirement that State Forestry Department oversee development of statewide map of wildfire risk – SB 654
  • Federal agencies to better prevent, mitigate, and suppress wildfires – SJM 3
  • Ensure offshore wind energy development goes to local and regional communities while promoting electric grid reliability and resilience – SB 678
  • Include forest land sequestration in greenhouse gas emissions calculations – SB 724
  • Prioritize Oregon made/grown products, minimizing carbon footprint

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Oregon Senate Republicans share their policy priorities for 2023’s legislature | News

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