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Pandya Store 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Suman scolding her sons for staying away from her all these years. Shiva asks why no one informed him about Suman’s health. Dhara says that he called everyone, but they didn’t answer the call. Shiva wonders why she called her while he was still in the room. Dhara and Suman looked confused when they heard Shiva.

Raavi calms Shiva down by saying that now that he knows about Suman’s health, he is with her. Shiva and Dev introduce Mithu and Shesh to Suman. Suman gets overwhelmed by meeting her grandchildren. Shesh goes out. He sees the receptionist talking on the call. After she leaves, Shesh talks on the call and cuts the phone wire.

Pandya Store 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chiku sees this and warns him that he will get beaten and be scolded. But Shesh isn’t afraid of it. Mithu also joins them. While going back, Shesh and Chiku take Mithu with them. Suman starts to act as if her health is deteriorating. She says to her sons that she’s leaving. Dhara thinks that she is overacting.

Gautam becomes worried about Suma and wants to call the doctor. Dhara stops him and asks him to get the discharge papers ready. Gautam scolds Dhara for talking about discharge when Suman isn’t well. Dhara thinks that talking to him is useless. She asks him to go and sit next to Suman and cry.

Suman gets adamant about going home. Her sons try to convince her to stay in the hospital to get treated, but Suman refuses. Dhara agrees to discharge Suman. Shiva asks Dhara how she can discharge Suman when she’s not well. Dhara becomes happy that Shiva talked to her. She approaches him. But Raavi stands between them and asks Dhara to focus on Suman, who isn’t well. Dhara says that they should discharge Suman if it’s her last wish. She goes to get the discharge papers ready.

Meanwhile, Chiku and Shesh plan to do some masti in the hospital. Mithu warns them not to do so, as they might get caught. But they are confident about not getting caught. Here, Suman complains to Shiva that he hasn’t come to see her even once in the last seven years. Shiva is confused at hearing this and starts to panic. He asks where he has been for seven years and why he doesn’t remember anything. Suman and Gautam are shocked to see this. Raavi tries to calm Shiva down. Gautam wonders what happened to Shiva in the last seven years and why he doesn’t remember anything.

Shesh and Chiku try to reach the main switch box, which is at a great height. Suman asks Raavi and Rishita why they didn’t inform her about Shesh and Mithu. She says that Raavi could upload his photo on social media, at least as she is following her there. Rishita is surprised and asks when she’s on social media. Suman says their family fell apart the day they were born.

Shiva wonders why Suman has witnessed Chiku’s growth but not Shesh and Mithu’s. Raavi tries to calm Shiva. But he angrily reacts. Shiva holds his head and tries to recall what happened. He claims that he hasn’t remembered Shesh at all this year. He asks Rishita if she kept him locked up all these years. Raavi becomes worried about Shiva’s health. As Chiku and Shesh are unable to reach the main switch box alone, they convince Mithu to help them.

Suman asks Raavi why Shiva acts weirdly. Dhara gets the discharge papers and pays the hospital charges. Krish and Dev arrive there to pay the hospital charges. Dhara says she paid it and tells them not to worry because they haven’t cared for seven years. Just then, the doctor who treated Suman arrives there. Dhara is shocked to see him and scared that he will tell Dev and Krish that Suman has recovered. Krish asks the doctor if it’s right to discharge Suman now, as she’s adamant about going home.

Pandya Store 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update » NSBB Biography

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