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BRATTLEBORO — A Londonderry man sentenced to detention without bail after threatening a woman and another man with a handgun in September will serve a few more weeks in prison.

Robert Voitechonok, 28, pleaded guilty on Monday to less serious charges relating to events that occurred on September 29. 15: domestic assault, common assault, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. The plea deal provides that he will serve 90 days in prison and a suspended sentence of 18 months to four years.

Voitechonok said he takes responsibility for his actions.

“I hope to get better,” he said in court. “I have no intention of being in this difficult situation again.”

While on probation, Voitechonok will be prohibited from drinking alcohol, taking drugs, contacting two victims, and engaging in violent or threatening behavior. He will have to follow a program on domestic violence.

Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Brown said the domestic assault conviction will prevent Voitechonok from owning firearms.

“I think guns were important to him, but I think he understands why he has to move on,” defense attorney Albert Fox said, “and that takes that out of the equation. “.

Voitechonok was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, aggravated assault, common assault, aggravated assault with a weapon in the first degree, reckless endangerment , resisting arrest and lewd and lascivious behavior according to documents filed with the Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division. He faced a sentence that could have resulted in years in prison, Judge Katherine Hayes said.

Vermont State Police troopers and members of the Winhall Police Department responded to a motel in Londonderry on September 29. 15 to a report that Voitechonok assaulted a woman. The caller warned that Voitechonok had a .45 caliber handgun in his possession and was yelling at a woman who was locked in a bathroom, Trooper Brandon Groh wrote in an affidavit.

Before the soldiers arrived on the scene, Voitechonok had fled. The woman who had locked herself in the bathroom told soldiers that Voitechonok “became ballistic” while on the phone.

When the woman tried to leave the motel room, Voitechonok grabbed her shoes and threw her on the bed, according to the affidavit. Later, Voitechonok allegedly tried to force the woman to perform a sexual act, which she refused.

Voitechonok responded by assaulting her, the affidavit states, grabbing her by the back of the head. She fled to the bathroom and locked the door.

Later, Voitechonok allegedly threw her to the ground and took her phone, smashing it in half. Voitechonok is also accused of pushing the woman into a car door as she tried to pull her wallet out of the vehicle.

Another woman tried to intervene by entering the motel room, but Voitechonok pushed her out, according to the affidavit. This woman told the soldiers that she saw Voitechonok pointing a gun at the alleged victim’s head.

This woman was able to take a gun from Voitechonok, but he choked her and punched her in the face, the affidavit states. He then retrieved another gun and pointed it at a man who also tried to intervene.

“[The man] asked if he really wanted to do this, how much [Voitechonok] unloaded the gun, grabbed his things and went to his truck,” Groh wrote.

The man told the soldiers that at one point Voitechonok grabbed him in the groin area and also tried to choke him.

Just after midnight, Voitechonok returned to the motel, where he was arrested. At the time, the affidavit states, Voitechonok had a gun in his belt. When the gendarmes tried to arrest him, he resisted.

“It took several soldiers to place the defendant in handcuffs,” Groh wrote.

A trial for Voitechonok was due to continue on Monday. The lawyers announced that they had reached a plea agreement.

“We’re in the middle of a jury trial, and we could finish it,” Hayes told Voitechonok, adding that his lawyer could recuse or call witnesses. “You have already begun this process. You may choose to testify.”

Brown said he believed the victims in the case supported the deal. He called the incident “chaotic” and noted that it happened in 42 minutes.

“It was dangerous. It was a lot of things,” Brown said. “We appreciate that the defendant took responsibility. It’s a shame that we had to use a lot of resources, but it happens sometimes.”

Brown said he believed both sides were at “extreme risk going forward with a jury verdict. No one could predict what the jury would do once they got it.”

“I agree with the state,” Fox said. “I think it’s a good result.”

Fox noted that no one was seriously injured in the incident. I described Voitechonok as “one of the best clients I have worked with”.

“In a very trying situation, he showed incredible composure and dignity throughout this, for someone who has never been in jail or in criminal action,” said Fox. “He’s been there for about 68 days, and it’s a very tough place, especially during the COVID outbreak that’s unfolding right now.”

The friends and family who support Voitechonok in the courtroom will help him find a safe place when he gets out of jail, Fox said. Voitechonok began a career in plumbing.

Fox said it’s very difficult to say what happened the night of the incident.

“I certainly don’t think Robert was solely responsible for that scene, but he made some bad decisions that night,” Fox said. “These were bad decisions that put people at risk, including law enforcement.”

Voitechonok experienced “a significant mental health crisis” during his arrest, Hayes said.

“His mental state was very bad,” Hayes said. “He’s very lucky the police handled the situation the way they did.”

Hayes credited a soldier with “carefully and wisely” defusing the situation.

The assault victim told the court that she hoped Voitechonok would get the help he needed and learn from the incident.


Plea deal reached for man who threatened victims with handgun | Local News

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