Queen Elizabeth was “distraught” and Prince Philip was “prone to stroke” after watching Princess Diana’s BBC interview, biographer says

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Queen Elizabeth was “distraught” and Prince Philip was “prone to stroke” after watching Princess Diana’s BBC interview, biographer says

According to a royal biographer, a controversial interview Princess Diana conducted with the BBC in 1995 left Queen Elizabeth II hopeless and Prince Philip furious.

Prince William and Prince Harry were among a group who slammed the BBC for the underhanded methods used to land them the coveted seat. But regardless of how they convinced Diana to open up, what she revealed caught the Queen’s attention and prompted an official decision on how her marriage to Charles should progress.

Diana was willing in her interview with the BBC, admitting she felt “sadness” that her marriage wasn’t working out (PBS). She felt that was partly because of the pressures of being a royal couple and partly because of her husband’s affair, which was an open secret.

Diana revealed years of suicide attempts and eating disorders due to the stress of being a royal in a loveless marriage. Former journalist Martin Bashir asked her why she agreed to speak when she did, and she told him she felt misrepresented as the wife of future King Charles.

“…We will have been apart for three years this December and the perception that has been given to me over the last three years has been very confusing, tumultuous and I’m sure in some areas many, many people doubt me.” She explained.

But she also wanted to reach out to the people she said were important to her. “I want to reassure all those people who have loved and supported me over the past 15 years that I would never let them down,” she said. “That’s my priority, along with my kids.”

Eventually, after an investigation revealed that Bashir had manipulated Diana, the BBC publicly apologized to the royal family, particularly Charles, William and Harry, for how “Princess Diana was deceived and the resulting impact on her whole life” (Good Morning America). .

Royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed in his book, The Queen: Her Lifethat Diana’s interview with Bashir and the BBC in November 1995 was “shocking” and “unforgivable” for the royal family. “[The queen] was desperate, her husband apoplectic,” he (People) wrote. “Something had to be done, not only for the good of the monarchy, but also for the good of their grandchildren.”

Morton claimed that despite Elizabeth having “held out the olive branch for so long,” she was “determined to cut the marital Gordian knot.”

According to Morton’s book, Diana received a handwritten note from Elizabeth in December 1995. The Queen told her: “I have consulted with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prime Minister and of course Charles and we have decided that the best course for you is divorce.”

Despite the decision, Elizabeth reportedly invited her daughter-in-law to stay with the family over Christmas, despite the state of the marriage. Diana made other plans, remarking eerily to friends that she “[go] up in [her] BMW car and comes out in a coffin” (People).

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Queen Elizabeth was “distraught” and Prince Philip was “prone to stroke” after watching Princess Diana’s BBC interview, biographer says

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