Renowned Conservationist Jane Goodall Brings Message of Hope to South Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

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World-renowned conservationist and Dr. Jane Goodall spoke to a sold-out crowd at the Florida International University’s Ocean Bank Convocation Center Friday to discuss her life’s work and raise awareness about the importance of saving the environment.

During the event, entitled “An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall: Inspiring Hope through Action,” the acclaimed primatologist spoke for about 90 minutes about her life’s journey and her hopes for our collective responsibility to care for our planet and all living species.

“We are not really treating our environment very well,” Goodall told NBC6’s Jackie Nespral. “That’s around the world, and we have a window of time to try and address that, to try and slow down climate change and slow down the loss of biodiversity.”

In 1960, as young British woman, Goodall ventured into the forests of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania to follow her childhood dream. In doing so, she revolutionized the scientific world with her breakthrough discoveries on chimpanzees and more than 60 years later has become a global icon as one of the first conservationists.

In fact, her research continues today as the longest-running chimpanzee study in the world.

“I was ten when I discovered Tarzan of the Apes and fell in love with him,” Goodall told NBC6. “I was really jealous because he married the wrong Jane. That’s what made me tell everybody ‘I’m going to grow up, go to Africa, live with wild animals and write books about them.'”

Now, at 88 years old, she continues to be a tireless advocate for animals and the environment and remained steadfast in her pursuit of spreading her message throughout the globe, including here to South Florida.

During the event, Goodall shared her understanding of the problems South Florida faces such as the Everglades’ lowering water levels and the need to protect the last of the Florida panthers.

“Think of your Florida panther,” Goodall said to the crowd of 3,400 people. “If enough of you are determined to stop it from becoming extinct, you can do it. You can save the manatees from speed boats and help the Everglades. Don’t give up — there’s so much you can do. If we get together, we truly can make this a better world.”

Goodall continues to inspire people all over the world to conserve the natural world we all share, to ultimately improve the lives of people, animals and the environment, which according to Goodall, are all connected.

“Human beings are human beings, whether they whatever the color of their skin, their language, their culture. And we all need to wake up. We all need to do our part. People like me all around the world doing their bit. And cumulatively that is moving us towards a better future,” Goodall said.

Renowned Conservationist Jane Goodall Brings Message of Hope to South Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

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