Shoebert the Seal in Beverly MA Pond Rescued Overnight – NBC Boston

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Shoebert, the loveable grey seal that captured the hearts of residents of Beverly, Massachusetts, escaped from the pond it had been swimming in for the past week early Friday morning.

The seal, which took its name from the Shoe Pond, where it had been living in recent days after getting in through a drainage pipe, made its way out of the pond and to the side door of the police station located near the Cummings Center office park on Elliott Street.

The entire midnight shift of the police department, along with animal control, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s wildlife division and other officials, came to the seal’s aid and were able to get Shoebert into a special wildlife carrier without incident. The seal appeared to be in good health “and was a little sassy in the early morning hours,” police said.

Shoebert was transported to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for further observation and medical care before his release back into the wild.

Authorities on Thursday appeared to be closing in on the seal that’s been swimming happily in a Massachusetts pond for about a week.

“Thank you Shoebert for having faith in the BPD, you will be deeply missed by your friends here,” Beverly police said. “Over the past week you have brought a lot of joy and happiness to our city. Feel free to come back and visit anytime!”

Shoebert’s big escape came after wildlife officials spent a good part of the day Thursday trying to catch the seal with nets in order to remove it from the pond. The seal had taken up residence in the pond, which is located a few blocks from the ocean.

Officials had said the seal appeared to be fine, and it had drawn crowds of spectators since its first appearance about a week ago.

Shoebert the Seal in Beverly MA Pond Rescued Overnight – NBC Boston

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