‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2: Has Nadine Subtly Revealed She’s Not Dating Her Co-Star Han-bin?

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Lee Nadine has become the talk of the town since starring in Netflix Single’s Inferno Season 2. The Harvard medical student had an impressive resume but was unlucky when he found a love interest on the desert island. Since the dating series finale, the rumor mill has been hinting that she was dating Han-bin. But Nadine clarifies how the editing of the series is related to this.

while on Single’s Inferno In Season 2, Nadine became a favorite and different thanks to her American upbringing. But it proved to be an attractive trait when male contestant Dong-woo tried to make her feel comfortable by speaking to her in English. But as fans know, Dong-woo drew the line during their paradise date, effectively changing their romance to friendship Single’s Inferno Season 2.

The arrival of Jin-young led to a love affair fourfold as Nadine developed an interest in him. Fans agreed that the two had natural chemistry and conversations flowed easily. Many cheered them on as a final couple Single’s Inferno Season 2. Their paradise date proved they have a lot in common like Nadine who also has military experience. But Nadine’s long future in medicine also influenced Jin-young.

until Single’s Inferno In the season 2 finale, fans knew the two would not leave the island together. Before the end of the series, Nadine got into a dating rumor with her Single’s Inferno Season 2 co-star Han-bin. They seemed close in the few scenes they had together. Nadine posted a photo of a New Year’s Eve party with a man whose identity was veiled. Due to the well-known ring he often wears, fans soon speculated it was Han-bin.

Since then, Nadine has not revealed her relationship status. But she called Single’s Inferno Season 2 for editing and excising scenes related to a specific storyline.

In an interview with Elle Singapore, Nadine clarifies how the series pushed for a specific agenda. She explained that while the show showed some of her personality, “because it was a dating show — and it’s a Korean one — inevitably a lot of other aspects of my character were left out.”

Processing takes place on Single’s Inferno Season 2 seems to be a problem, like the first season. Nadine goes on to explain that the series made strategic scene cuts to “advance certain storylines”. But fans might find that her following statement is a response to her dating rumors with Han-bin.

Nadine explains, “I think those hilarious conversations would have added more context to the connections and relationships I now have with the cast.” While the series didn’t emphasize this, fans in the background did notice how Nadine compared to the other male contestants like Jong -woo had come close. But her scenes were used as background noise or not seen at all. Nadine’s comment might indicate that the same thing happened with her friendship with Han-bin.

It could very well be that there were more scenes where the two developed a friendship. Just like Han-bin did with So-e. But they were cut from the series. Single’s Inferno Season 2 not portraying them as friends led to the dating rumor based on Nadine’s Instagram post. Nadine probably helps flesh out that she and Han-bin aren’t dating. Nadine is likely to have concealed his identity as a guideline until the season finale. Since the finals, the contestants have enjoyed posting photos on social media and hanging out together.

Actors like Yoong-jae have revealed that he has joined Single’s Inferno Season 2 to find someone to have a serious relationship with. In the series, Jin-young also stated that he wanted to find someone fixed in her life to start a relationship. As one of the younger cast members and still at university, Nadine wanted to meet new people.

“I thought it would be a fun and exciting way to get back into the dating world as I haven’t dated in a very long time. Despite my reluctance and hesitation, I discovered that my adventurous self wanted this to be an opportunity to meet new people and do something I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do as a student,” said Nadine.

Since the series was filming over the summer, Nadine was on vacation and would be returning to Harvard in the fall. Although she may not have found love on the island, she has managed to make new friends. “After the show, I stayed in touch with each contestant, although I’m closer to some than others. Overall, the cast this season was very special,” explains Nadine. She says the series has made her some of her closest friends.

‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2: Has Nadine Subtly Revealed She’s Not Dating Her Co-Star Han-bin?

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