Springfield Police investigate shooting that left one person dead; witnesses recall what happened | News

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield police are investigating a shooting early Tuesday morning that left one person dead and another injured.

According to Springfield Police Department, officers responded to a reported shooting at Bobbi’s VIP Room at 1195 Main St. at 2:37 a.m. on November 22. Police said that on arrival, they found one man had been shot and was laying in the parking lot, and learned that another man had been shot but was already taken to a nearby hospital. Police said medics from Eugene Springfield Fire shortly arrived to provide aid to the victim in the parking lot, but the victim had already passed away. Police say the other person who was shot is in stable condition.

SPD said their initial investigation has led them to believe a dispute occurred at the club which led to the shooting incident in the parking lot. SPD said detectives are still on the scene investigating the incident. Springfield police said the names of those involved are being withheld pending further investigation, and has promised an update at a future point in time.

Bobbi's VIP Room

A nearby resident told KEZI that gunshots woke her up around 2:30 a.m.

“My first thought was to get my daughter and sister on the ground and to check if they were near the house because it was that loud,” she said. 

She then stepped outside, heard screaming in the parking lot of Bobbi’s VIP room and immediately called 911.

“I heard a female say, ‘get in the car, get in the car, and don’t call police.’ That’s when I got on the phone and called police,” she said. 

She plans on moving out of the area, saying this was the last straw. 

“That’s why I’m moving, because I don’t want to deal with all this,” she said. 

Another nearby resident, Jennifer Westbrook, said within the last year, she’s witnessed a lot more violence and unwanted activity.

“Main Street in Springfield, I would say is no longer neighborhood friendly. The first two years we were here, nothing like this has happened.”

Westbrook also hopes to move out of the area. 

“My first thought, when I heard about the shooting was, did the car have any holes in it and when are we moving?,” Westbrook said.

An employee said they had locked up for the night when they heard the shots.

Diana Resue lives in the neighborhood right by the club and said that there’s always something going on in the parking lot. 

“Half the time, I don’t get to go to bed until after all the people leave the bar parking lot, which could be up to four in the morning,” Resue said. 

Resue said while this situation is tragic, she hopes it’ll change things. 

The owner of the club took to FaceBook and posted in part, “We would like to send our condolences to everyone involved and we are hoping the police are able to get to the bottom of this senseless act of violence.”

Detectives are still working on the investigation and anyone with any information is asked to call the Springfield Police Department. 

Springfield Police investigate shooting that left one person dead; witnesses recall what happened | News

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